Saturday, July 05, 2008

Born on the FIFTH of July!

I started out my holiday weekend on Wednesday night by going up to Chez Palooza (code word for Juli's house). What normally takes me 35 minutes to drive, took me about 2 hours. And no, it wasn't holiday traffic. It was an accident involving 2 police cars with each other that apparently required blocking 2 lanes of traffic.

Naturally the entire point of going up on Wednesday night was to play with the girls. Which I did. And somewhere along the way, I let Jules convince me (around midnight) that getting up at 5:45 am to participate in a 5K was a good idea.

Here is a picture of Jules and me at approximately 6:45 a.m. Have I ever mentioned my complete and total distaste for waking up before 8 am???

Now, if you want to read a cheery thought and see happy pictures of a race, visit Keli's blog. Keli actually ran the 5K. She liked it. I remembered I have asthma and haven't taken my inhaler in over a month. Ouch.

After getting all hot and sweaty at the crack of dawn, we went over to Chez Hiatt (code word for Jules' parents' house). Her parents made us a really nice big breakfast. I can't remember the last time I ate breakfast, let alone a good one.

Then it was time for the whole Palooza clan to go to the parade. I love parades. I love F-16 flyovers. I love floats. I cry when the Scouts carry the flag past. I cheer for the cheerleaders. And I like to heckle the floats that throw candy and squirt water guns.

And the best part? The Ogden Cherry Days parade is ALL about throwing candy, and not just candy! They throw frozen Otter Pops! Have you ever been hit by a flying Otter Pop? Ouch.

This is Juli attempting to open an Otter Pop with her teeth.

Andi is also known as Miss Photogenic Ogden sometimes.

Bryan is really tall. Mike isn't actually that short. I love optical illusions.

Then we (and by we I mean Juli's family and me, and not the whole extended clan) went back to Chez Palooza to get ready for the big party. Well, some people got ready for the party. Others of us decided that snuggling with little girls on the couch and watching Disney Channel was helping in our own special way.

Big party? Oh yes, there was a big party.

A big party for Cali's 8th birthday and baptism!!

I'm pretty sure my blog audience is about 95% Mormon, and they all understand the significance of the 8th birthday. But for the 5% of you who don't, I shall explain. In the LDS Church we get baptized at 8 years old- the age of accountability. This is considered to be the age where a child knows enough to make the decision to be baptized in our Church on their own. The Palooza family chose to pull out all the stops to honor Cali on her special day.

Today was also another big day for me. I'm a volunteer Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and today was my first day to have "Little" with me alone. I was excited just to have her with me. And excited to introduce her to Cali, who I am hoping will be doing more activities with us in the future.

How big was this party? I'd say about 50 people big- equal amounts adults to children. Bryan (Cali's dad, Jules' husband) made absolutely the BEST BBQ I have ever had. Funny quote from Little as she tasted B's bbq sauce, "This ketchup tastes TERRIBLE!" Juli made a very cool "volcano cake" that involved chocolate lava, dry ice, and a virgin we considered sacrificing. (And no, I'm not talking about me.)

Oh and there was a bounce house. The kids went to town in the bounce house! They LOVED it!!

This is Little.

(Yes, I took a picture of Jules' bum. What are friends for??)

But why should the kids have all the fun?
Juli and I cleared all the kids out for a minute and climbed in ourselves!

And yes, I was wearing a dress in the bounce house.

And this is Juli stuck in the bounce house.

And me stuck in the bounce house. (do try and NOT look up my skirt! i've already checked, there's nothing to see there.)

And Juli getting stuck coming out of the bounce house.

And apparently Cali had my camera and used the video function. This little video should give you a quick glimpse into the insanity.

And last but not least, I think Sydni's face here wraps up all my feelings on the weekend!

Thanks Palooza Family for letting me hang out all weekend!


  1. Thanks for publishing a pic of my posterior acreage. I may never speak to you again*.

    *ok, maybe I will. But I must be bribed. Diet coke will do.

  2. Hey. You got to play with my friends. No fair!

    Like you... I hate waking up before 8 am - and I cry when anyone is carrying the flag in a ceremonial way, or singing the national anthem - and any other mulitude of reasons!!


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