Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day, Y'all

Due West on stage at the Wasatch County Events Center in Heber. L-R, Brad, Tim and Matt.

Okay, so Pioneer Day was actually yesterday (Thursday), but it's still today for me, since I won't be sleeping anytime soon. For all you non-Utahans, and/or Mormons Who Don't Care, Pioneer Day is a Utah state holiday commemorating the Pioneers journey West and the settlement of Utah. It is celebrated as widely and with as much energy as the 4th of July.

Matt and me (a picture I'll never put up on their blog, but don't fear sharing here.)

My holiday was simple enough. Go to the pool to work on the tan, play with the kitten, watch some X-Files, go to Heber City to see Due West and the Nashville Tribute to the Pioneer Trek. DW did a GREAT job, and I really enjoyed seeing the Trek show. I've seen the "Joseph show" several times now (first post on it was Jan 2006), but this was my first "Trek" show. I've heard the album a few million times, and I love it. I know the first impression of "mormon country music" just doesn't go over right for some people. But seriously, you haven't really heard the Porter Rockwell story until you have heard it with country music.

Brad and me (another one I'll never put on their blog). Brad is actually an entire head taller than me. He's crouching, and I'm on my toes wearing heels, and we still barely got in the same shot.

The night out was a fun and needed break from this new reality I am in. Everywhere these guys go to perform they add more members to their "family." I suppose I'm in that family myself now. This family is made up of people who give of their time and energy willingly to support these great musicians. Some are actual relatives, some are just like me- really big fans. But the great part is, they all just open their arms and hearts to everyone else involved in these projects. After a crazy stressful week, I really enjoyed a night of talking to some of the nicest, kindest, and generous people on God's green Earth. As compared to the very cut-throat professional world I find myself in, it was very refreshing and welcome for a night.

And maybe just as importantly (as saving my sanity) several of them were aware of me because of what I do for DW. And much to my surprise, many of them inquired into having me do some work for them. Between this development, several job interviews, and all of my past clients asking me to do projects for them, I have a lot to evaluate about what I want to do next. So many doors have opened, that I have no idea which one to pick.

In the meantime, pray for me, cross your fingers, do your rain dance, whatever you do, to help me get paid tomorrow. Payday was a week ago, and I've yet to see any money. Funds are really tight. There may be a lot of open doors, but they aren't producing a profit yet. If I don't get paid soon, the kitten and I are going to get very hungry.

Also, in a new turn of events, the kitten has figured out how to scale my dresser and open the top drawer on his own. I fear this can only be a bad thing, as he seems to have trouble getting back down. I had no ideas kittens required this much time and attention.

Happy Pioneer Day, y'all!

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