Sunday, July 20, 2008

My new little love- Squiggy

The little guy crawling over my shoulder in the picture here is Squiggy, my newest little fur baby. He came to join me today by way of the Palooza Clan. He's a feisty little bugger. Normally I wouldn't post such an incredibly unflattering picture of myself. Nor would I post such a non-interesting picture of my kitten. But so far this is the closest I have come so far of getting a picture of him that isn't a total blur as he goes streaking by.
Squiggy won't be alone for long. I'm getting a puppy to join him in a few weeks. The puppy will be named Lenny, for those who care.
DANG! Since starting this post Squiggy has attacked the laptop full force, causing the corner of the screen to fall right into my face, hitting the cheekbone right under my eye. (I was laying on my back with the laptop up on my knees above me.) Pretty much no question about it. I'm going to have a black eye tomorrow to go along with my sundry of scratches. OUCH!
That all being said, I really like the little guy. He's very cuddly and cute. And in serious need of a puppy companion to play with.

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  1. I'd suggest that you start training him now to get used to having his claws clipped--it will save you many scratches and save your furniture, too. Just like clipping toenails (only using a special cat tool for it so they don't hurt as much!). For my allergies, I trained my cats early to expect baths regularly, too. Not sure if you have a problem w/ that, but it does help for those who come over who are allergic, too. My friend who is deathly allergic to cats spent the week at my house and never really had a reaction.

    Also: KITTEN!! He's adorable.


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