Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Perfect Summer Night

Tonight I am working on my novel from the comfort of my lawn chair on my balcony, with my cute little japanese lanterns lights all aglow on the railing. I have beautiful country music playing from the laptop. It's a lovely 80 degrees outside.
I'd call this the perfect summer night.

Thank you to the commenters on the novel passage below. I really appreciate it. I hope a few more people leave some feedback as well. When Juli and I wrote Beyond Perfection I never really faced a monumental block. There were days where it was hard to be disciplined and keep writing. But I never really got frustrated and unable to decide what to do with a character. Many writers will tell you that the characters tell them where they will go. And that is very true. I do feel that at times. I think the block this time is my own personal emotional block, unwilling to let the characters have to feel certain pain, because it means I will have to feel it as the writer as well. I'm not sure if that will even make sense outside of my own head. But there you have it.

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