Friday, July 11, 2008

Video Dating

Here we go again! I'm using my blog for work purposes.

I just had a very interesting meeting with another potential client. I can't go in to much detail here, but basically I need to get some honest feedback from y'all- both single and married.

1. What do you think of video profiles on an online dating site?

2. Would you be more or less likely to click on a profile if there was video? Why or why not?

3. Would you load a video of yourself on a dating site? Why or why not?

4. Let's say there was a cable channel (on-demand) where you could watch video profiles. Would you watch that channel?

5. Would you watch an on-demand channel just for the entertainment value (if you are married)?

6. Do you (married or single) go to dating sites just for the entertainment value (ie- mocking profiles)?

7. If there was a singles event where professionals were making videos (and you didn't have to do it at home on the webcam), with interviews and questions, even candid footage, would you get your video done? Why or why not?

Open honesty welcomed!



  1. Ooh. I'll be the first to comment. Single BTW.

    1. I have not encountered this. I’ve only tried a few dating sites.

    2. I don’t think I’m too interested in seeing a video – but then again, considering the lack of luster and interesting information in most on-line profiles, maybe I would. It would at least be more revealing. My first thought is that I would be turned off of most videos due to poor production quality (I’ve spent my adult life working in broadcasting) and because most people aren’t going to know how to make a good/interesting video.

    3. Oh, God no. Too much opportunity for others to be judgemental.

    4. Probably for entertainment value and only if I were seriously looking into that service for dating/matchmaking. Seems a little scary.
    5. Would you watch an on-demand channel just for the entertainment value (if you are married)?

    6. No

    7. That would probably be the only way I would post a video/ make a video.

  2. Oops.
    I messed up my cut and paste on questions 5 & 6. That would be No for both.


  3. jules4:45 PM

    1. I guess it makes sense. It takes the profile pic one step further and probably reveals more about the person you're looking at.

    2. Probably. Again, it's not just a picture. It's more of the person.

    3. Hell to the no! Top reason being that I'm married, but if I were single, I just wouldn't dare put myself out there like that.

    4. I wouldn't. I'm married and I have no need.

    5. See answer #3.

    6. Define dating site. Eharmony? LDS planet? If it's a site geared to social networking, yeah, I've been. If it's an exclusive dating site, I wouldn't and I won't. The idea that a married person would go just to make fun of everyone there and congratulate themselves on their marital status is more than a bit disturbing.

    7. If I were single? Again, no. I don't have that personality. If I ever thought of making a video like that, I would prefer that it be in a more confidential setting. But I would probably still attend the event just to have fun.

  4. Wow Erinannie - I guess you and I are the only single people out there.

    How depressing!

  5. Sisty Ugler11:20 AM

    I think videos are a good idea if they were limited to 10 sec. That way there is less time to make a fool of yourself and the viewer can quickly determine if their is potential.

    Married people don't look at singles sites. I would say never look at singles sites. What's the point? What a weird question. Is that really a question they wanted to know? If a married person wanted to mock someone else they would go to youtube and look at popular dumb videos worth mocking.

    I think professionals making videos would defintely do well because clients would believe that they might make the lighting do amazing things for people who need amazing things, wait a minute, am I mocking...?

    Anyway, the whole cable thing I don't think much of because you know when you are watching tv and some info-mmercial comes on and there is a timer at the corner of the screen and the product rep keeps saying you need to hurry and order now before time runs out! And then that same commercial comes on again the next commercial break? And the viewer becomes numb to it and glazes over and gets annoyed? And the result is the viewer feels disconnected, the viewer does not believe the commercial. The point I am trying to make is, if a person goes to the tv (that reaches more people than the internet) and views potential dates, that is all they might do.. view. They won't believe that that person could be available. That person is seen by thousands of people and they aren't 'really' available, they are just pawns for this company to make money. But perhaps the company will make it so you have to buy the channel, maybe then it would be more believeable. But I would want all people who could buy the channel to pass a background check before they had access.


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