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Finally something goes right!
Last month's Questar bill (and my usual average): $68.70
This month's Questar bill (after turning off a/c and trying really hard to conserve): $18.17!!!!

And on that happy note, I am leaving town for the weekend. More on that later. Ciao!

A Nephew Original

It's been a while since I had a funny original nephew comment to share. But I thought this one was hilarious. In the words of Sisty Ugler (my sister Natalie)-
We were in the car and Steve went into 7-eleven to buy a snack.  He came back with a beef jerky type snack called Turkey Tenders.  Tell's eyebrows raised and he said "Mom, you are going to eat that?"  I said sure, why not.  But I could tell something was not right in Tell's mind.  So, I asked him, "what do you think Turkey Tenders are?"  Tell pointed down to his "tenders".  I started laughing and I still giggle when I think about it.  (today we had hot dogs for lunch, turkey tenders were probably in them, but I kept that to myself)

Due West is coming! Due West is coming!

Friends- ones I know, and ones who lurk and read my blog- you are invited to join me at Harry O's in Park City, Friday, Sept 5, to see my favorite band DUE WEST perform! You've heard/read me talk about this band for ages now, and now you can come see what the fuss is all about. I promise my boys don't disappoint! There will be live original country music by Due West all in the amazing Harry O's setting. What is Harry O's? Just the most exclusive night club in Park City, let alone Utah. It's going to be one of those nights where you can feel like a super star just for coming and ordering a shirley temple.
So come out and play with me! We want to pack the house! This is a big deal night for them, and a big deal night for me! We can't have too many friends show up! So spread the word, put on your favorite blue jeans, and come out and dance! (And if you don't dance, come out and have a Diet Coke on me!)
You can check out Due West on their regular site here.


Here's the current sitrep-
I'm unemployed. Again. I still haven't been paid by the past employer who owes me 5 weeks of pay, plus bonuses and fees. My claim with the State against her should be moved to the Utah Attorney General's office soon. They send a few more threatening letters to her, and assuming she fails to reply to those as well, they eventually put a lien on her house. I have no idea how long the process takes from there before the seize the house or she declares bankruptcy. But needless to say, I won't be getting my money out of her any time soon.
I was working for the film company that unexpectedly lost its funding. And that is what leaves me jobless again. To complicate things I was working for a little less than half of what I used to be making while I was there. I thought I could supplement it with side contract work. I knew August would be tight on funds, but figured some creative financing could get me through. That was before I had to get new ti…

Further evidence my kitten is the best

I've been trying to train the kitten to not jump on my keyboard. So tonight when he decided it was time to play fetch (again) he would jump up behind my laptop, and toss his toy over the top of the screen on to my hands. I think he's just about the cutest thing ever.

And yeah, 3 blog posts in one day. I know, I need a life.

That wasn't the kind of exposure I was looking for

Dear Netflix:

We need to talk. I have been a customer for possibly four years now. I'm a very big fan. I've even recruited new customers for you. But still, we need to talk.
Considering your rapid growth, and the complicated logistics of your business, I've always been impressed how few troubles I have had with my account. I was even completely sympathetic when you had your big outage 2 weeks ago. Cause really, you still have a better track record than pretty much every other business I've ever dealt with.
But listen, you've screwed up my queue and I want you to fix it. In what world would I have queued up Northern Exposure, Season 3, discs 3 and 4, and then Season 4 Discs 5 and 6? And skipped right over season 3 discs 5 and 6, and season 4 discs 1-4? Does that make sense to you? Do you think I wanted to skip over Fleischman and O'Connell finally "doing the deed," just to only see the aftermath and not the actual deed?? No, I wouldn't want that no…

Why My Cat Is Better than Your Cat

I told myself I wasn't going to blog or talk about my cat (much). But today I realized exactly how superior my kitten is to all other cats. He plays fetch and he watches tv. Does your cat do that? I didn't think so.
I bought him some little pink fur mice chew toys a few weeks ago. He only started to notice them this week. He carries one of them around like a baby everywhere he goes. The other one we play fetch with. This morning he woke me up, standing on my chest, with his pink mouse in his mouth. As soon as my eyes opened he dropped the mouse on my face and dashed off. We played fetch from my bed for over an hour. When I would fall asleep between tosses, he would jump on my face and give me little love bites to wake me up. (I pretend they are love bites anyway.)
I also bought him a little cheap play house thing which he loves. I'm normally not the kind of person to buy toys or accessories for my cat. But considering his fascination with playing with me and me only, I had …

Yes, I have a big family, what about it?

I come from a big family. Many of you know this because you are my cousin. The rest of you just don't know how you are related to my family (yet). Give us time, we'll figure out which leaf you sit on in the family tree.
Exactly how big is my family? Just ask Facebook. Every day it seems that another family member has joined Facebook. And because we all love each other, and we have no family feuds among us, we all add each other as friends. I always like to then "suggest a friend" to my family members so we can all be one big happy Facebook family. But we have too many cousins now. Facebook will only allow you to suggest 20 friends per person, and we have (way) more than 20 cousins. Is this Facebook discrimination? I think so!

Facebook discriminates against big families!

Mind over matter, right?

The truth is, I am in a crappy, horrible, no good, terrible, bitchy, I hate the universe and especially you mood right now. So I'm trying to counter act it with other things. After a week of practically no sugar or fast food, and working out every day, I ate a hamburger and the tiniest serving of ice cream ever. And then I cleaned the apartment. And took a nap with the kitten we now call Evil Kanevil (it fits him much better). And then I heard very unexpectedly from He Who Brightens My Day, who I wasn't supposed to hear from for a few more days.
Now, I'm still in a cranky crappy mood, (and NO it is not PMS. Don't make me post the lion picture here. The internets have seen enough of that picture.) but I'm attempting to override it by listening to sappy songs.
And I think I have created a great playlist of love songs. So, because I basically have no life, no car, no money, and only half a real job right now, and my kitten stopped being amusing to me hours ago, and I…

I'm Yours


The repair estimate on my car: $1800, not including the $50 I spent on the oil change and diagnostic test. Or the need for a new windshield and wipers.

Adding insult to injury: there was a manufacturer's warranty on one part. It expired at 80,000 miles. There's 83,000 miles on my car right now. That repair alone is $650.

Seriously, worst.luck.ever.

what doesn't kill us makes us hungrier

I am convinced that sometimes karma intentionally kicks you while you are down. Right now I'm in this ridiculous financial pinch and now my check engine light has turned on. I was praying the whole way home from the park yesterday with the 2 little girls in the car that I wouldn't break down on the side of the road. The sting of the tire blow out on Saturday has me fearing another break down. Where I will get money for a car repair is beyond me.

In this situation it is hard not to be angry at the woman I can so easily blame for all of this. But why waste my time worrying and being angry over things I cannot control?

And therefore I force myself to look on the sunny side and accept the opportunities this situation is giving me. Last night I came to the realization (and not yet acceptation) that I can now follow the path to a dream I have always had. I have always wanted to work part-time and give myself the chance to spend a few months writing. The only problem with this situatio…

Best Quote From an 8 Year Old Today

Little Girl#1: I had to be rescued by the lifeguard once. But it was a girl lifeguard, so it was okay.
Me: Is it better to have a girl lifeguard?
Littler Girl #2: Yeah, cause in case they have to do that tongue thing to make you breathe again, its better to have a girl lifeguard if you are a girl.
Pause, pause.
Me: Did you see the movie the "Sandlot?"
Both Girls: Yes
Little Girl #2: The tongue thing is really gross, so it is better to have a girl lifeguard and not a boy lifeguard, cause he might try to do that, like in that movie.
Me (trying for all I was worth to not laugh so hard I wreck the car): Girls, it's actually called "CPR" and it doesn't involve any tongue at all.

first it was captain underpants, now it's my skirt

hee hee

someone googled "wind up my skirt" today and found my blog.

i'm easily amused.

Reading time

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they’ve printed. I found the list pretty interesting.
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Place an asterisk (*) by those you’ve not read, but have seen a movie or stage performance of.4) 2 dashes (--) means you have started it but never finished it for whatever reason5) a ?? means you have never heard of it before

1. The Lord of the Rings*, JRR Tolkien
2. Pride and Prejudice*, Jane Austen
3. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman ??
4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy*, Douglas Adams
5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire*, JK Rowling
6. To Kill a Mockingbird*, Harper Lee
7. Winnie the Pooh*, AA Milne
8. Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell
9. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*, CS Lewis
10. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë
11. Catch-22, Joseph Heller
12. Wuthering Heights*, Emily Brontë
13. Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks??
14. Rebecca*, Daphne du Maurier
15. The Catcher in …

Why me?

If I thought the weekend was unexpected, nothing could have prepared me for how unexpected today would be. I got to work today just to be sent home. I've been working for the last few weeks at a film production company. And today our boss had the integrity to tell us that we had a financing problem, and sent us home. We may get our financing back in a few days, or in a few weeks. But for now, the funds are not there, and he didn't want us working for free.
Considering the situation with my previous employer, who lied to us, avoids our calls, and still owes me close to $5,000, his honesty today was most welcome. Sure, it makes things complicated. But the fact that he apologized and was truly sympathetic to our situations, made it better. No one did that for us at the last company, which was/is truly unfortunate.
In other news, I got 2 job offers last week, plus 2 very strong leads/indications for more work. And tomorrow (Tuesday) I have another interview, plus some other opport…

When nothing goes as planned

I had an unexpected, but fun weekend. It started out with what was supposed to be dinner out with new friends and our first book club meeting. What really happened was an unexpected adventure.
It started so simple. I had a meeting to attend at 3 pm, but things got postponed and didn't happen till closer to 4:30. I wanted to look cute but casual, so I wore a fun short blue breezy dress, and heels (this detail is important later). By the time I got on the road to head north for the night, I was about an hour behind schedule.
I picked Juli up and we started driving up to Ogden. I commented to Juli that my car had just minutes earlier started making a strange ticking sound. No sooner did I say that than the ticking sound turned into a sound that resembled a helicopter landing on my roof, and I nearly lost control of the car. I had a full tire blow out- not just a simple flat tire, but a full blow out. We pulled off the road quickly, and before we even got out of the car, a pickup truck …

Guilty Pleasures

For the last few months I have had a guilty pleasure that has turned into a full blown obsession. It's the late 80's/early 90's TV show, Northern Exposure. Every week Netflix sends me 2 more disks, and every week I am incapable of getting anything else done until I have watched all the episodes.
It started out so simple. I thought I'd try out the first season and see if I liked it. But I didn't just like it. I loved it. So there was seasons 2 and 3. And now I'm in season 4, and I'm addicted! I still have 2.5 more seasons to go, and I'm going crazy because I'm way too busy to just sit and watch tv these days.
So what is your guilty pleasure tv show? Am I the only person who has ever become a complete incompetent while waiting for netflix to weave it's magic?

Picture pages, picture pages, having fun with picture pages

In three weeks I will be seeing my whole immediate family all together for the first time in about 5 years. We haven't all been in the same place at the same time since Dallin was the baby of the family. So it's high time we took a family picture with all of us in it. But in McBride Family tradition, we can't just go to a studio and pose for a camera. Oh no. Heaven forbid we do something simple. No, family pictures always require a great deal of effort, planning, and matching of outfits. In spite of my repeated requests for no "matchy matchy" we are yet again doing themed apparel. But at least we are only going for a theme, and not completely "matchy matchy" colors and clothes. If all goes according to the current plan, the women are wearing sun dresses, and then men will wear "nice t-shirts" and jeans. The setting for the picture will be similar to the one below. We're going up to Lake Tahoe with the photographer.
So now I need some help. …

Men and Tampons. Seriously.

I got hit on tonight while buying tampons at the drug store. Two guys were standing behind me talking smack to each other, when suddenly I realized they were talking to me.
"Hey baby, why won't you turn around and show me what you got? Look at me, Miss Salt Lake and show me your stuff. Why you not giving a little smile Miss Salt Lake?"
Annoyed after a minute of this crap, I turned around and just looked at him, holding up my pink box of tampons. I could have puked on his shoes and had a better response. He looked like I had just tased him.
"Aw baby, why you gotta be that way? Why you be killing on my mood?"
I paid and walked out.
It's true what they say. Tampons really are men's kryptonite.

what you don't know about social media (but i do)

We take a break from our usually scheduled blogging to take a look into what social media marketing is and why it matters. Why? Because I feel like it.
Social media marketing is a new twist on marketing. It is usual "social media" to approach your market or target audience. What is social media, or that other emerging term, "Web 2.0?" It is when the internet is used in a social way- one person talking to another person, or one person speaking to many people, in a conversation inducing way. Got that yet?
Social media tools include, but are in no way limited to, blogging, online discussion forums, social networking sites (facebook, myspace), websites, Twitter, Flickr, and many others. Individually, these sites are not truly "Web 2.0." Put two or more together- i.e.- a blog with a Twitter or Flickr feed- and you have Web 2.0.
While my friends weren't really looking, and thought I was just really getting into blogging and trying new toys, I have become an ex…

I love the Olympics

I'm nostalgic tonight for the Olympics, and for all my childhood memories that involved watching the Olympics.
It is no secret that my family is rather patriotic, and we get even more so during the Olympics. And if the Olympian is from the DC/VA area, LDS, or a gymnast, we get even more supportive.
My first Olympics memory was from 1980. While the rest of you recall the Miracle on Ice, I still recall the diving. We had a lime green, plaid tweed, pull out bed, couch in our family room back then. And Little Sisty Ugler and I loved to put on our leotards and watch gymnastics and diving all night with our parents, and then get to fall asleep on the pull out bed. It was not uncommon for us to re-enact the routines on the TV. And my first Olympic memory is of Little Sisty Ugler re-enacting a dive routine- right off the couch, onto the tile floor, knocking herself out cold. What happened next was my then 3 year old sister's first ambulance ride, and the first time I ever vomited. What?…

I gotta get outta this place...

The combination of a no vacation travel-less summer, and watching the Olympics/dreaming of faraway places, has me going stir-crazy. I gotta get outta this place! But I can't decide where I want to go. In the last week I have convinced myself I need (not just want, but NEED) to go to China, Montreal, London, Switzerland, Mt. Kilimanjaro, India, and Cancun. At one point I was even trying to figure out how with freelance work I could do one big all around the world trip and make it happen. But then I remembered that when you are reliant on freelance work, you don't get paid vacation days off.
So world, tell me where you are going on vacation this year. I'm not going anywhere. There's no time off for this blogger until Christmas (and if you know me, you know I hate cold traveling). Let me live vicariously through you.

Another Blog Book Passage Exclusive

I am sitting here, watching the "women's" gymnastics (its hard to call 16yr old pixies women) and procrastinating things that should be done. So instead of doing things I get paid for, here's something I hope to some day get paid for. It's a very rough draft of another passage from my book. I like putting the pressure on myself by sharing this way.

The setting- Lindsay is a 30 something single woman with a long term on again, off again boyfriend. She's neurotic, but doesn't know it. She's very self-centered and convinced what she wants is always the right thing. Edie, her best friend, is good friends with the boyfriend. Kari is very level-headed and pragmatic, but very tired of hearing about the boyfriend. Jeremy is the boyfriend. These are all in emails.

To E and K, From L
Re: It's so over.
Things are going south with J again. We haven't talked much since I left NYC last weekend. We had such a great weekend together, I don't get it. We were s…

Goals for the week

This week I will not-

-eat more chocolate than vegetables
-accidentally call my kitten by my mother's dog's name

Breaking what silence there was still remaining

Today I feel like breaking my silence about the job situation I just left. I know many people would caution against talking about the situation, citing that "someone" may read it. Well, I have nothing to hide. I'm not the one who did anything wrong or illegal, and I'm feeling the need to educate and protect others.
The company I left (see, I'm still politely not saying the name of the company) was headed up by a very detached CEO. For a company of 12 people it is truly staggering how detached from the company she really was. She had (still has) no idea who worked on what and who specialized in anything. And she made up crap like you wouldn't believe. To hear her introduce us to other people was both an ego trip and embarrassing for being so completely unreal. I'll give her credit, she is amazing at what she does- which is broker deals. But as a CEO, no one could be worse.
How bad was it? Well let's see... in late April I was offered a large pay raise an…

I am a single woman with a cat and a career.

I've discovered that freelancing and consulting is not the simple easy thing it sounds like it should be. I have a full-time job for 40 hours a week. But it is a 4-6 month gig. I'm enjoying it and look forward continuing on the project. It's an interesting combination of my background skills in marketing, online marketing, and politics. I even used some of my trade show procurement skills today. It's fun to use such an interesting combination of my past skills this way.
But then I'm also building up other clients and working on other projects for them as well. So after the 40 hours a week, and nearly 2 hours daily commuting, I still come home to find another 2-3 hours of work a night waiting for me (not to mention the attack kitten).
It has only been 2 weeks of this so far, and I'm exhausted. Last Saturday I felt the need to play and play hard! And all I can think is how very badly I want a vacation or at least a weekend camping trip. Something besides sitting on…

Blonde Ambition

I have a question. What the heck is up with all of the accented blond hostesses on reality shows? Don't get me wrong, I am quite jealous of Cat Deeley's (So Think You Can Dance) hair (but not of her wardrobe). And if I could think of the other non-American chicks' name, I'd say something nice about them too. But seriously, what's the deal? There aren't enough blond ambitious American girls?

I Got Hit on Today. Shocking, I know!

My new job is in the basement/bottom floor of an smallish office building in Utah County. The rest of the building is occupied by one large telemarketing company. And the 8 of us in our company are holed up downstairs, with another small company down there somewhere too.
I swear that the telemarketing company intentionally recruits the scuzziest of humanity. Every employee has multiple tattoo's and piercings. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But you can have some tats and holes without being a scuzz. And then there are these people. All of them smoke I swear. And they are all scary and nasty looking.
We don't have a bathroom down in the dungeon, and have to either go to the main floor with the scary people, or go to the top floor where the execs of the telemarketing people work. We have permission to go to the top floor, because the main floor bathroom is so freaking nasty we hate it. It's like a gas station bathroom in there or something. It's unreal.
Have I p…

Sunday Shout Outs

It has been a few weeks since I shared some Sunday Shout Outs. And even though it is nearly Monday now, I'll still share some things I've been thinking about, but are a little bit different in nature.

1. Overheard in the Ward has some very funny posts this week.

2. I'm in love with Plurking. Twittering is so yesterday. Be my friend!

3. I recommend checking out Kick Like a Girl's blog.

4. Me! I need business! Now that I am self-employed, I could use more clients. If you know someone who could use some help with social media (online) marketing, let me know! Big companies and small individual projects welcome. I create custom marketing plans to help virally market products and people.

5. Ooh! I'm famous for 5 seconds right now. Can you see me? (Scroll WAY down.)

6. Mormon Times is running interesting stories about LDS Olympic athletes.

It's a Single's Life For Me

Somehow as I started to write this post the Pirates of the Caribbean song got stuck in my head. "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me." And now I can make no guarantees about where the thoughts in my head might lead me.
I'm single. There is no white knight on the horizon. I have a cat. I live alone.
And I'm okay with that.
I'm not saying I wouldn't like to find a man to share my life with. I'm just saying I'm happy. Which seems to come as a surprise to some people lately.
In August there are 3 articles in the LDS publication, the Ensign. You can read one by mental health professionals and parents of singles here, an article by a single male that is so generic as to be useless right here and one by a single woman about "finding comfort" in the Scriptures about our horrible horrible singles lives.
All three articles made me gag.
Let's start with mental health professionals. Seriously?? That's the message you want to send to singles? We n…