Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Blog Book Passage Exclusive

I am sitting here, watching the "women's" gymnastics (its hard to call 16yr old pixies women) and procrastinating things that should be done. So instead of doing things I get paid for, here's something I hope to some day get paid for. It's a very rough draft of another passage from my book. I like putting the pressure on myself by sharing this way.

The setting- Lindsay is a 30 something single woman with a long term on again, off again boyfriend. She's neurotic, but doesn't know it. She's very self-centered and convinced what she wants is always the right thing. Edie, her best friend, is good friends with the boyfriend. Kari is very level-headed and pragmatic, but very tired of hearing about the boyfriend. Jeremy is the boyfriend. These are all in emails.

To E and K, From L
Re: It's so over.
Things are going south with J again. We haven't talked much since I left NYC last weekend. We had such a great weekend together, I don't get it. We were so connected, and so in love. And now?? Whatever. There's been a few texts and emails, but nothing interesting. I really thought he was going to propose over the weekend. And things were so great, I don't know why he didn't. How can we go from best weekend ever to a few lousy text messages?
When I leave him all I can think about is how much longer until we can see each other again. I get home and start a countdown on my calendar. But him? He says he loves me, spoils me rotten, kisses me goodbye, and then goes for a week without calling. What's up with that?! I don't get it!
He ruins every trip with the way he acts after I leave. Does he really hate being with me so much that all he does is endure the weekend and can't wait for me to leave?

To L and K, From E
Re: Um, I seriously doubt it.
Can I play devil's advocate? I think you are looking at it from a one-sided point of view, and not considering his side. You need to think like a guy, and not just any guy, you need to think like J. He's a very busy guy and not a big talker. You know that about him! If he "hated you" he wouldn't buy you train tickets to go visit him every month. He wouldn't spoil you while you are there. You know he is busy, and goes to a lot of trouble to make the time to spend with you while you are there. When you leave he has to make up for all that time and work harder. That's a lot of sacrifice for him!
Besides, it's J. Look at it this way- he thinks he just spent a great weekend with you, and everything is solid. So now he's thinking all is well, and he doesn't have to keep calling you to make sure you are okay.
But that's just my 2 cents. The only opinion you should be looking for is J's. Have you asked him?

To Kari, From Edie
Re: I have a bad feeling about this.
Do you get the impression that maybe J is having an affair, and Lindsay is the affair? Like maybe he's cheating on someone else with Lins?

To Edie, From Kari
Not all men are cheaters. Just apparently all the ones you date.

To E and L, From K
Re: Just say no to WARTS!
Wait! I agree with almost everything Edie said. But don't you dare go asking J what he's thinking. I think the biggest problem in your relationship is that every time you do call J all you have are "What are we talks." No wonder he avoids the phone! Send your man a happy lovey dovey crap text message about great he is. Don't make him fear hearing from you!

To L and K, from E
Re: Re: Just say no to WARTS!
For the record, happy lovey dovey crap would make me fear the phone. (But I get your point.)

To Kari, From Edie
Re: I hope you are right.
That's all I can say. I really am cursed.

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  1. You've caught my attention... Good work. It feels very real. I like it:-)



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