Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best Quote From an 8 Year Old Today

Little Girl#1: I had to be rescued by the lifeguard once. But it was a girl lifeguard, so it was okay.
Me: Is it better to have a girl lifeguard?
Littler Girl #2: Yeah, cause in case they have to do that tongue thing to make you breathe again, its better to have a girl lifeguard if you are a girl.
Pause, pause.
Me: Did you see the movie the "Sandlot?"
Both Girls: Yes
Little Girl #2: The tongue thing is really gross, so it is better to have a girl lifeguard and not a boy lifeguard, cause he might try to do that, like in that movie.
Me (trying for all I was worth to not laugh so hard I wreck the car): Girls, it's actually called "CPR" and it doesn't involve any tongue at all.


  1. Its a good thought from that boy.Awesome thought from that boy.

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  2. pwned for Overheard..



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