Friday, August 08, 2008

I am a single woman with a cat and a career.

I've discovered that freelancing and consulting is not the simple easy thing it sounds like it should be. I have a full-time job for 40 hours a week. But it is a 4-6 month gig. I'm enjoying it and look forward continuing on the project. It's an interesting combination of my background skills in marketing, online marketing, and politics. I even used some of my trade show procurement skills today. It's fun to use such an interesting combination of my past skills this way.
But then I'm also building up other clients and working on other projects for them as well. So after the 40 hours a week, and nearly 2 hours daily commuting, I still come home to find another 2-3 hours of work a night waiting for me (not to mention the attack kitten).
It has only been 2 weeks of this so far, and I'm exhausted. Last Saturday I felt the need to play and play hard! And all I can think is how very badly I want a vacation or at least a weekend camping trip. Something besides sitting on this same old sofa and typing and staring at another computer. And then there is the mounting mess problem. And by the mounting mess, I am referring to my bad habit of taking a clean dish out of the dishwasher, eating off of it, and then sticking it in the sink. I never really empty the dishwasher. And the sink is overflowing. The kitten loves to find little tiny things and attack them every which way he can. Putting them away is a futile activity. So my living room floor is covered in random junky little things. Oh, and my laundry? Have I ever told you about the antique bench that resides in my bedroom? You can't sit on it. But you can pile clothes on it really well. The kitten thus far is oblivious to the pile of clothes, but has a growing obsession with getting into my closet and scaling the clothes and getting stuck at the top. So the clothes stay on the bench, and then get worn, and move to the floor, where the kitten attacks them. Eventually I need to where them again and they get migrated to the laundry room. The same laundry room that the kitten's litter box and food bowl reside in, as well as any toys he's guarding from me.
I am in serious need of a nap, more allergy pills (stupid Utah tumbleweed and wildfire season), and intern to organize the paperwork, and a maid.
Is that so much to ask?

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