Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Got Hit on Today. Shocking, I know!

My new job is in the basement/bottom floor of an smallish office building in Utah County. The rest of the building is occupied by one large telemarketing company. And the 8 of us in our company are holed up downstairs, with another small company down there somewhere too.
I swear that the telemarketing company intentionally recruits the scuzziest of humanity. Every employee has multiple tattoo's and piercings. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But you can have some tats and holes without being a scuzz. And then there are these people. All of them smoke I swear. And they are all scary and nasty looking.
We don't have a bathroom down in the dungeon, and have to either go to the main floor with the scary people, or go to the top floor where the execs of the telemarketing people work. We have permission to go to the top floor, because the main floor bathroom is so freaking nasty we hate it. It's like a gas station bathroom in there or something. It's unreal.
Have I painted a good enough picture for you?
So this morning I was walking into work and some guy opens the door for me and asks if I was there for the class. I politely said no and moved quickly away.
And then this afternoon I went to the main floor (I was feeling adventurous) to fill my water bottle. Some guy at the water fountain sees me come up from the dungeon and asks if I am in training down there. I said no, I work for the other company. He looks stunned to find out there is another company down there. But continues to tell me if I want a new job his company is hiring.
I went downstairs completely despondent. Did I really look that bad today that I was mistaken twice for one of those people?!?!
I told my team, who all understood immediately why it was upsetting to be thought of as an upstairs person. I asked them if I looked that bad? (I admit I didn't look so hot today. I've had a bad stomach ache for 2 days that has my stomach swollen big enough to be 6 months pregnant.)
My 2 darling male co-workers assured me that I looked cute enough that the upstairs people were hitting on me, and that no one with a brain (again, ruling out the upstairs people) would ever think I belong up there.
I heart my dungeon dwellers.

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  1. Yeah... it usually requires a male friend to tell me when I have been hit upon. I'm so oblivious (it happens so rarely)


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