Friday, August 15, 2008

Men and Tampons. Seriously.

I got hit on tonight while buying tampons at the drug store. Two guys were standing behind me talking smack to each other, when suddenly I realized they were talking to me.
"Hey baby, why won't you turn around and show me what you got? Look at me, Miss Salt Lake and show me your stuff. Why you not giving a little smile Miss Salt Lake?"
Annoyed after a minute of this crap, I turned around and just looked at him, holding up my pink box of tampons. I could have puked on his shoes and had a better response. He looked like I had just tased him.
"Aw baby, why you gotta be that way? Why you be killing on my mood?"
I paid and walked out.
It's true what they say. Tampons really are men's kryptonite.


  1. This could be the weapon that we've been looking for to help with world peace

  2. That is hilarious!
    Can't understand why men are so creeped out by a package of tampons!

    When visiting my parents one weekend I was unprepared for my other little visit... and called my sister-in-law next door to check if she had supplies... quickly.
    Yep, come on over.
    I walked in and walked out of the bathroom with a box of tampons and brother totally freaked out!!!

    Dude, I said... You've been married for 20 years and you have two teenage daughters. Get over it already. It's not like I came here for condoms.... that would be disturbing.

    No... he thought my soliciting condoms would be much better.


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