Monday, August 18, 2008

When nothing goes as planned

I had an unexpected, but fun weekend. It started out with what was supposed to be dinner out with new friends and our first book club meeting. What really happened was an unexpected adventure.
It started so simple. I had a meeting to attend at 3 pm, but things got postponed and didn't happen till closer to 4:30. I wanted to look cute but casual, so I wore a fun short blue breezy dress, and heels (this detail is important later). By the time I got on the road to head north for the night, I was about an hour behind schedule.
I picked Juli up and we started driving up to Ogden. I commented to Juli that my car had just minutes earlier started making a strange ticking sound. No sooner did I say that than the ticking sound turned into a sound that resembled a helicopter landing on my roof, and I nearly lost control of the car. I had a full tire blow out- not just a simple flat tire, but a full blow out. We pulled off the road quickly, and before we even got out of the car, a pickup truck pulled off behind us. Out hopped 2 teenage boys, one wearing a high school basketball camp shirt, graduating class of 2010, who ran over to help us.
I have no doubts that Juli and I could have changed the tire on our own. In fact, I am quite certain we could have done it with no problems. It may have required reading the instructions, but I am sure we could have done it. But there stood 2 white knights in high school t-shirts with a pick up truck, ready to help us.
Remember that breezy blue dress and heels I was wearing? Do you know how much wind it takes to blow up your skirt when standing by a freeway? The answer is: not much.
These 2 boys had my blown out tire off the car, and the donut back on the car in 10 minutes. It all happened so fast that we never even got their names. They were polite, quick, and efficient, and considering how many cars I had already flashed on the highway in that breezy short dress, quite frankly, a god-send.
Those boys were what every mama hopes her boy will grow up to be. Helpful, kind, and an overall well prepared Boy Scout. I didn't get their names, but I do know where they go to school and which sports they played, so I am still giving serious thought to sending their coaches (and hopefully by extension their mothers) a note thanking them for raising them right.
Juli and I were on our way up to Ogden just moments later. (I admit I grumbled quite a bit about having to buy a new tire, and having to drive at a snail's pace on that stinking donut. My car and I were not meant to drive slow.)
Dinner and the book club company were great. I felt welcomed and comfortable with these fun new ladies instantly, and can't wait to read our first new book.
While I had been standing on the side of the road trying to hold my skirt down, I had texted a guy I recently met online that lived in the area to tell him what was going on. When he found out I was in the vicinity, he invited me over. So after book club, I dropped off Juli, allowed 5 year old Andi to inspect the spare tire on my car (she declared it interesting, and yet safe for me to drive on), and went to meet a total stranger at a truck stop Denny's. Thankfully, the guy was as out of place in that restaurant as I was. But let me tell you, the scenery was interesting!!
Saturday was nothing special, but I did start a hard core 3 week diet and work out plan. Go me!
On Sunday morning I woke up with my cat snuggled against my head. Why he has to sleep so smashed up against my face every night I will never understand. Normally I sleep on my side, and he curls up in my hair at the base of my neck usually. But this morning I woke up on my back, with the cat on my shoulder, and leaning funny on my head. I stretched, my neck popped, and I couldn't move my head, and could barely move my left shoulder, for hours. Several Advil, a hot shower, and self-massaging later, it's getting better.
Today was beautiful though, and I couldn't stand the thought of staying inside all day, doing whatever it is I do all day. Especially since I turned off the a/c to enjoy the nice temps outside, I had to get out. So with what little mobility I had in my head, I went up to Alta to hike the easiest of the easy trails for a little bit. My legs were up for the very easy challenge, but my lungs, as usual, protested right at 4,000 feet above sea level. So I took it even easier than I thought I would have to. But it was beautiful, and I got a few nice pictures out of it. And I sat and wrote some more for my book for a while, which was really nice. The picture above is from Catherine's Pass above Alta.
So now I am home, knowing full well I need to put the heating pad on my shoulder, and add some muscle relaxants to the evening if I want to turn my head tomorrow. But the a/c is still off, and I don't think I could handle the heat. It's so warm in here that the kitten doesn't even want to snuggle. He still insists on sitting right by me with at least one limb touching me, but at least the little heater box purr engine doesn't want to sit on my shoulder tonight.
I should prepare a little more for the week ahead, but I'm too tired, sore, and quite frankly out of sorts, to even try. All I can say is this weekend was very unexpected from beginning to end- blow out tires, blind dates at midnight, neck injuries, even the hike. I need a weekend to recover from this weekend!

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