Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bottom of the 9th Miracles

I can't go to bed tonight (it's 1:30 am) without expressing how grateful I am for bottom of the 9th miracles. Today was a very very rough day at the end of a very trying week. Just when I thought things really couldn't get worse (in this case, something going on my permanent record that is/was completely out my control), a miracle swooped in and saved me at the last second. All of the prayers and tears that went into the last few days were answered in a way I never could have expected. A huge stress came off my shoulders and I can actually think straight again. It was a big answer to some huge short term problems. There's still plenty of long term problems to solve, but until now I wasn't able to focus on them because the short term problems were so pressing.
This is all good. I'm so happy. And so thankful.
I even feel like a little part of me that disappeared when I moved to Utah a year ago came back today. This may be a strange segue, but I miss the me that had responsibilities and adventures before I moved here. Tonight for a few brief seconds I felt like the old me again. Do you realize that in the year and change I have lived in Utah I haven't done anything? I've tried a few times (Moab, St G, dinner clubs), but nothing "took." I haven't had one calling at Church. I don't even know if there is a singles scene, let alone be involved in it. I miss having a life.
Which all brings me to this. I don't know if I am staying in Utah. I'm looking world wide for a job. I'm ready for an adventure again. Utah has been the most anti-climatic adventure of my life. If I stay or go, there is one thing I know, I'm going to start living like me again.
Thank heaven for bottom of the 9th miracles.


  1. Wow. I love those moments where the mind suddenly realizes what is possible regardless of the circumstances. It sounds like a new adventure awaits....good luck!

  2. I'm so happy for you.
    Praying that something will break for me in the same way.

    Can I encourage you to job search in Denver? Many of the jobs that come up in my job search, seem to require your skill set. But I don't have that skill set so it's not working for me.

    I don't know much about the area LDS scene - but I can plug you into a great group of women here - weekly Dinner Club - Desperate Housewives gathering every week - just for fun.

    dangling the carrot here... ;-)


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