Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Netflix, You've Screwed Up Again

Dear Netflix,

It was just a few days ago that you screwed up my queue. But today you made an unforgivable mistake. I have been fanatically watching Northern Exposure for the last two months. I'm obsessed with it. I'm bummed that the show went off the air ten years ago and that I have no friends watching it with me. I love this show. I think the Fleischman-O'Connell romance is one of the best TV relationships ever! So you can only imagine exactly how excited I was when I finished Season 6, Disk 2 last week when they got engaged finally!! I was so happy for them! I loved it! I practically ran for my mailbox today to get Disk 3. But instead I got Disk 4! Something bad has happened! Fleischman isn't even living in Cicely anymore! And I don't know why!!! So I rushed to my Netflix queue where I found that for some reason Disks 3 and 5 are still in my queue, but Entourage Season 4 Disks 1-3 will be here tomorrow. Now don't get me wrong, I've been waiting almost six months to find out what's going on with Vinnie and the boys, but I need to know what happens on Northern Exposure first!!!
Netflix, now more than ever, it is important that you stop screwing up my queue. As of tomorrow I will not have cable anymore, and I will be relying on you to keep me entertained in my unemployment. I beg you, please don't screw this up!!



  1. Ugh. Isn't the mail order dvd system faulty? I hate the way they decided what to send. Let me watch a whole season! Except then I sometimes get mad because I don't feel like watching nothing but this one tv show. I might be in the mood to watch a MOVIE. But I don't want to go rent one from the video store when I'm already paying!

    Anyway. Just saw your tweet at the side that said you were looking for new blogs to read. I was too! I found yours and now you can check out mine. :-)

  2. Also, I wrote a letter to Canada Post on my blog. It wasn't as nice as yours. But I had good reason.


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