Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly

Good- Bought a great new light fixture to replace the one the kitten destroyed a few days ago.
Bad- Ate at the Ikea Cafe and got food poisoning that 8 hours later is still wreaking havoc on my guts.
Good- Got my pink tree back.
Bad- Realized that the person I thought was working hard to get me paid, isn't trying at all.
Good- Food poisoning results in good abs and weight loss.
Bad- Food poisoning takes up time I'd prefer to spend doing other things.
Good- Got to spend time with my Little Sister.
Bad- Her mom's car got an owie.
Good- "Little" told me about her Anne of Green Gables costume for Halloween. (How perfect is this kid for me?)
Bad- I didn't think up that costume as a kid.
Good- My phone is paid for the month and works.
Bad- Those important calls I waited by the phone for all day never called.
Good- Wall St may crash, but I still get paid unemployment from the State tomorrow.
Bad- Rent is due the very next day. And unemployment doesn't cover it.
Good- I have a really cute kitten.
Bad- He's learned how to open doors by jumping on the doorknob and hanging.

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