Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm Not Voting for McCain. I'm Voting for Palin.

I've kept my blog somewhat politics free for a while now. My yearning for politics comes and goes depending on the stress in my life, the issues at hand, and how much free time I have. But today I read something dissing Palin, and promoting Obama, that I thought was so incredibly stupid that I can't keep my mouth shut now.

Let me start by saying, I can't stand Obama. I've yet to find one interesting fact about the man, one impressive piece of legislation, or one substantive accomplishment other than that he has been elected. But that's the thing. He's been elected, but then nothing has happened. What has he done with the power his elected offices has given him? Nothing that I can see.

Now, I don't really care for McCain at all either. My vote is still registered back in Virginia, where it counts, as compared to Utah, where we know the state is going red anyway. I've been contemplating different options where I could vote third party in a way that would hurt Obama without detracting from McCain until this week.

But then entered Gov. Palin, and I like her. I like her a lot. She has a flair about her that I want to see in a leader. Hillary didn't have it. I didn't want little girls to look up to Hillary and her spotty past. But Palin is someone I want school children to want to be when they grow up. I've heard all this talk about how Obama overcame so much to get to where he is. So has Palin. She's worked very hard to achieve quite a bit. Her accomplishment isn't, "I'm a black guy who did good in spite of my background, which wasn't that bad, but it could have been worse." Her accomplishments include running a State and raising a family. I like this woman.

As for why I don't care for Obama, besides the fact that he hasn't done anything with all the crap he's supposedly achieved. He has yet to speak in definite sentences. He has hopes and dreams, but he has no plans. It's like he read a book about the place, and has some big ideas and dreams for it, but hasn't actually been to the place to turn those dreams into actual plans.

I'm an action oriented person. I want to see a bullet point list with directions on what we are going to fix first, and how we are going to do it.

And if I see the environment* on the top of that list, I'll campaign against the guy. Why? There's a lot of things we need to work on right now. A lot of absolutely do or die bullet items that must take place today. The environment needs to be a continual process. Assign a task force and let them continue to work on it. But the candidate that tells me that is their most important issue, is the candidate I think needs a reality check.

*This isn't to say the environment doesn't need help. I'm all for a green movement. But it doesn't need to be the problem of the highest office in the land. It needs to be the responsibility of individuals and corporations. Let the President work on the more important things like education, the war fronts, taxes, the economy, etc. The trees can be handled by someone else.


  1. I love this post. :) My only concern about Palin is that she is taking on too much and won't have time to do laundry. But she does seem "real" to me and not polished and political and that is refreshing. She's not part of a machine like Hillary.

  2. Heidi - I think maybe her husband could do the laundry if she's busy working on National matters.

    Erinannie... I'm with you.
    And I'm beginning to think the main reason Sen Obama has received the attention he has is because Oprah was vocal about him ever since he took AN office. SCARY!!

    Also, I was talking with a friend about Palin and Obama - and she told me she was reading one of his books - until she got to a line about how he grew up in a black neighborhood, "and watched as the white folks would come over and let their dogs go on the black peoples lawns."
    She says she got up and threw the book in the trash immediately!

    No kidding! Seriously - sorry Barack --- that's a dog owner issue not a white/black issue - and now I see (along with other little bits of evidence) that you're just a little too defensive and militant against white folks and that is not a good starting point for a leader.

    See yourself as an equal and start from there. I viewed you as an equal until I read that. Now I just see finger pointing.

    Sorry Erinannie if I took this someplace you didn't want to go. feel free to delete this comment if it bothers you - I won't be offended.

  3. No worries, TRS, your comments are always welcomed and enjoyed here!

  4. Eh, the trees need Congress, not the President. Remember, Congress is a part of the govermental process too. They give money to executive agencies so there's teeth in the environmental laws. The President has way too much power anyway, and should be more of a figurehead (which he really is)etc. etc.

  5. Interesting point, Sherpa. I think the president gets blamed far more than he should for issues this nation faces. We can thank FDR for centralizing so much power in the executive branch, but the fact remains that the president can propose laws, but he can't enact. Congress holds that power. He does have veto power, obviously, but the office itself doesn't have nearly the power that most people believe.

    I fully support grass roots environmental efforts, things that will make a difference in my own community. I grew my garden organically and recycle despite the fact that my community doesn't offer recycling services. Things I do at home make more of a difference than most people realize.


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