Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jackson Hole, Park City, and Lake Tahoe

In the past week I have been in Jackson Hole, Park City, and Lake Tahoe. I sound so much more chic than I really am. I also sound like a person with a much bigger pocketbook than I really have. (As you know if you read the post that I had up here for a few hours before coming to my senses and removing.)
I was up in Park City for the big Due West show on Friday night. And I have to say, the show rocked!!! The guys never disappoint! It's true I am a little biased about their greatness, but judging by the energy of the crowd and the excitement in the club, I'd say the boys made quite an impression on this mostly new-to-Due West crowd. Besides plugging it on my blog over the past few weeks, I also have been fulfilling my role as their online publicist, and did a lot of plugging all over the place for the Harry O's show, and the upcoming Bella's show (best Mexican restaurant in Utah!). I was so nervous about what kind of crowd we would get out here. I haven't heard a final number still, but I can tell you that I am very happy with the door numbers so far.
Here's a few fun pictures from the night (that I am sure will also work their way over to the DW blog sooner or later).
We had a "most creative application of the DW tattoo" contest during the show. This would be my neck tattoo.

 The boys on stage.
Brad's mad guitar skills
Tim and his adorable amazing wife (name being withheld since I don't know if she is okay with it being public) at the after party.
Kendra taking a shocking picture of something!
Sara (former co-worker and now friend) joined me for the night. I'm so glad she came. We had a blast singing and dancing along all night. 

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