Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Old Faithful

I spent my weekend up in Jackson Hole and then in Yellowstone. I had never been to either place before, and I really really wanted a break from reality, so I couldn't wait to get out of Dodge. Seeing Yellowstone on Monday was my favorite part. Here are the pictures to tell you why!

As you may have noticed, I've had a run of bad luck and crazy unfortunate situations lately. Did you know my bad luck can override century old forces of nature? Seriously! My bad luck is that powerful!!

Having never been to the Tetons, Jackson, or Yellowstone before, I had no idea what half the things I saw were. For instance, I had no idea there was more than one geyser at Yellowstone. I thought there was just Old Faithful. But it turns out, there are several of them! (But most of you probably knew that already.)

Some geyser I don't remember the name of.

Another steaming hole in the ground they call a geyser. Something else I didn't know- geysers are steaming holes in the ground that eventually erupt. I thought they (and by they, I mean Old Faithful the only one I thought existed) were just a continual fountain of something or other. I was wrong.

You would think that all those steaming holes in the ground would make the area nice and warm. But you would be wrong. In fact, we were dang cold out there! This is Laurie and Carol, the very nice girls who let me tag along in their car to go to Yellowstone. All those steaming plumes behind them are the various geysers.

Finally it was time for Old Faithful to erupt. And this is where my run of bad luck kicked in. Why do we call it "Old Faithful?" Because it blows very faithfully every day, every 90 minutes or so. But not on the day I went! Oh no! I felt bad for the huge crowd in the picture below for having the misfortune of showing up on the same day as me.

The signs indicated that there is a +/- 10 minutes from the time they say Old Faithful will blow. I took this picture about 15 minutes after they claimed she blows. In case you can't tell where the hole in the ground is, the big picture finger has returned to help you see it.

This is the face I made a lot while waiting and waiting and waiting for Old Faithful to break my run of bad luck.

And then 25 minutes after the window where they claim she blows, Old Faithful finally blows!!

You will notice there are no pictures of wildlife from Yellowstone. Supposedly Yellowstone is famous for wildlife, and how you can see bear, elk, moose, buffalo, and bison just by looking out your car window. But me? Oh no. Just further evidence I am cursed, the only wildlife I saw was a huge crow. No deer, no elk, nothing. Either everyone is lying to me, or I really am that cursed.


  1. I love this area, and miss living near by. As for the wildlife, I'm so sorry you didn't see anything. Last time I was there my car got ran over by a herd of stapeding bison. That's not a good way to look at wildlife either.

    Great pictures!

  2. Oh... you poor thing.

    At least you're hilarious.


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