Friday, September 26, 2008

Warning: I'm Talking Politics Again

If my cat could talk, I think he'd have a PhD in comparison politics right now. He watches a LOT of CNN.

So here's what I want to know, and what I think of this whole financial crisis. But here's what you have to know about me first. I do not believe in government oversight ever. I'm a pretty hard core libertarian that way. I'm all for the "teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves" method of government. Except there has never been a people good enough of and of a pure enough heart to truly operate that way. However, I do believe we need to stop drafting so many laws, and instead give people more incentive to do what is right. Call it the candy jar method of governance. "If you do it right, you can take something from the candy jar."

Now here's what I think of this Wall Street fiasco. LET IT FALL. LET IT HURT. AND DEAL WITH IT. I don't want to see some big government bailout. Bring on the recession. Cause you know what? It wasn't BIG BUSINESS' fault. Every single stock and share holder could have made a difference. When all those people invested- purely for personal financial gain- they had the chance to read the fine print, and understand the companies they were investing in. They had the options to vote, and to make a difference within those companies. But they didn't take it. They deserve to be punished just as much as the people at the top, in my personal humble opinion.
Why should the government bail them out? And where do we draw the line and decide who gets government help and who doesn't?
Cause let me tell you what else bothers me. The government will come up with this huge astronomical bailout money, that we will have to pay back to the government in several years in the form of taxes. And who will be the people who feel those taxes more than most? US, the middle class citizens, and NOT the fat cats at the top of the ladder.
I think Obama is a big huge fat mistake right now. He has no words. He has no plans. Today his big statement was, "I have strong feelings about that." But then he didn't and couldn't share those feelings! Or express how those feelings may lead to an action of some sort.
Palin is useless as well. And that is all I will say for her.
I am actually glad to see McCain working on this matter. I think he can be trusted.
But you know who would have been the best at the helm to help us?


  1. I think there is a pseudonym for "Government Bailout". It's Communism.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more on that BS we calling the bailout. I'm not a Nancey Polosi fan by any means, but the other day she said "Let them bail themselves out" and I stood up and cheered.

  3. I agree with you on the bailout.

    So this huge corporation made risky and (in some cases)unwise, unfait practices, and WE'RE supposed to bail them out?

    I'd rather see the government bailout some of the individuals who are screwed by bad loans.
    Especially when you see that some of the Corporate bigwigs who lead their companies to disaster - are taking their million dollar bonuses with them when they clear out their desks!!!

  4. jules2:20 AM

    The thing is, TRS, that the homeowners who took on subprime loans knew they would have to pay higher interest eventually. They either didn't qualify for a traditional mortgage or just didn't try to refi. They're just as culpable.

  5. amen (although technically I'm mum on politics :)

  6. Yup. We didn't take the bait on those subprime loans, even though we could have bought a house that way. So we're not in danger of losing our home (unless our landlady loses it, but I think she bought before all this stuff started so she should be ok), but it's so not fair that the people who made those poor choices are now getting bailed out. They knew full well that they couldn't afford it, but they figured they'd be able to sell before their interest rates jumped and make some money in the process. It's all greed, on every level, and now we get to pay for their greed. And we still don't have a house! Nice...


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