Friday, October 31, 2008

I know!

I know what you are thinking! "Wow, erinannie, your hair is so much darker! What a huge change! Did you change the cut too?"
Why, yes, yes, I did. It's about half an inch shorter and has a few more layers. And it got a LITTLE curlier. Don't know if you could tell or not.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Happy Dance Day

Have you ever had good news that you wanted to share, but you can't share yet, cause it's still a little too soon to say it? But really, you're just so happy you are about to combust for several reasons? (wow, my spell check is tell me that combust is not a word. who know? not me!) I'm happy, but I can't tell you why yet. So instead, I give you another happy dance. Posting random happy dances will now be the new secret code word for "THINGS ARE GOING GREAT, BUT I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY YET." Okay?

And that made me smile

I made a guy blush today just by smiling and winking at him.
The End.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Walk Down My College Memory Lane

So after giving myself the worst breakfast ever this morning and making myself sick all day, I decided to sit around and scan in old pictures from my college years and 20's. There's a LOT of pictures. Most have now been posted up on Facebook, but since 3 of the key players I want to see the old pictures aren't on Facebook, I'm double posting over here. Sorry for those who didn't care and have already seen them.
But for Lib, Bran, Karm, Min, and Kat, here you go!

I'd like to make it sound like we were somehow different from all other coed apartments, but the truth is, we were probably completely typical BYU coeds, just by the fact that we were so determined to not be typical! This picture is just one of many common scenes in our apartment. The 6 roommates surrounded by boys and goofing off on our huge couch. Two of the guys in this picture ended up marrying 2 of the girls in this picture. Oddly, they aren't necessarily the girls they are sitting by in this pic!
Ooh, and I can see the red foot pillow. Who's was red? Katy's?

Brandy and I are cuddling and keeping warm at a bonfire excursion. At least, that is what I think this was. 
I love this picture. I'm the one in the disco diva jumpsuit. Honestly, I'm only posting it to show how skinny I used to be. The guys in this picture were our FHE brothers. And the 3 blind mice were our FHE sisters. One of the brothers married one of the sisters. I don't really know what Karma's costume was. Katy and Brandy are Belle/Beauty and the Beast.
Finding Katy doing handstands in random places was another common scene for us. So was our overly decorated walls with stupid quotes. It was a wall of shame in a way. Every time we said something funny or stupid we would memorialize it by putting on the wall. As you can see in the background, we said a lot of stupid, I mean funny, things. 
Another common scene- roommate dogpiles, and sharing clothes. Brandy is in my dress, I'm in Karma's shirt. Katy is Brandy's shirt. etc, etc. 
Also, I see Libby's light green foot pillow. I miss our old foot pillows. 
Another dogpile. Karma is wearing my sweater. Someone's foot pillow is in the background too.
This picture probably does set us apart from many college coeds. We faithfully would get up at 6:30 every morning and have roommate prayer and a scripture together. Libby had a 7 am class, so we all got up together before she left. Normally we didn't fall asleep on the floor right after our prayers, but sometimes... well, sometimes we did. 
The six of us were all very different girls. From Katy's Seattle grunge to Karma's Southern Belle, to Libby's (dare I say it?) Utah Molly Mormon ways. But we got along very well. We had our bumps along the way, but for the most part, we were a very close knit group of girls. That was a rough year for each of us in our own different ways. All 6 of us had a major life changing event or decision to get through. I think the fact that we all made it through with our sanity in check says a lot.  One thing we always did was throw huge birthday parties for each other. This picture was at my 20th birthday party. I was so sick and miserable. I still remember it as the worst head cold I have ever had. I couldn't even hear I was so congested. It was awful. Oh, and there was a massive blizzard going on outside. But when your roommates get you a date for your birthday, you go, right? And when you get home from your date you will find about 100 ward members and cousins hiding in your house for a surprise party, in spite of the blizzard of snow outside. This is my favorite picture of the group of us because it was so sweet of them to try so hard to give me a birthday party in spite of how sick I was, and what major life events had just happened in a few of our lives. 
Okay, one last picture. This would be the thing that did set us apart from all other coeds. We had foot pillows. It all started with Libby's foot pillow. We all loved it and shared it. So it became tradition to have Libby's sister make one for each of our birthdays. The pillows matched our personalities. Mine was blond.
So Lib and Bran- I want to see your pictures!! I know you have them.

Sunday Morning Confessional

1. I went to a Halloween party dressed up as an FLDS "sister wife" last night. But didn't take any pictures, so you'll just have to believe me.

2. I ate a chili and cheese baked potato for breakfast this morning. And a S'more PopTart, with a Diet Coke. It may have been the stupidest decision of my life.

3. I just watched "Iron Man" for the first time. This may come as a surprise to many of my friends who know I'm a big movie buff. But I don't actually care for superhero movies. That being said, this one rocked. And I can also say for the first time that I really thought Gwenyth Paltrow rocked. And when you think back about all the troubles Robert Downey, Jr had with drugs and alcohol years ago, he has really made something of himself since.

4. My fingers got food dye on them last night, and are now a scary shade of green.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Passionate Person ISO Something to be Passionate About

I have survived my first week on my new job of working from home for invisible people in other states and countries. And just let me say, it is really hard working from home for people you don't know and don't see, and then at the end of the day, not having a social support network. I sit all day alone in my apartment on my computer, and then when the whistle blows, I still have nothing to do but sit all day alone in my apartment on my computer.
I've been putting some thought into things. Am I unhappy here because I really have such a pathetic social life? Or that I have nearly lost all desire to have one because I rarely meet any quality people? Or is it plain and simple, that I am currently leading a completely unmeaningful life?
Not to get too new age here, but I do think there is something to be said for living a purpose driven life. I also know I am not alone when I say that working in marketing is anything but a purpose driven life. If anything, you have to do so much more to overcome the fact that you work in marketing to feel like you make a contribution. And I do try to do worthwhile things. I volunteer with Boys and Girls Club when I can, and I do the Big Sister thing. And I love doing both, but it isn't enough. At church I am invisible, which is a very new thing for me to grasp still. I'm sure most of my real friends and family can't even conceive of me not being involved at church. But I'm not. I just don't fit in, in spite of my willingness to contribute. It's a big family ward, and well, the one single girl just doesn't have much to contribute I guess.
There's nothing to motivate me these days. Nothing to get excited about. No purpose driving me.
I like money, don't get me wrong. But when all I am doing is working to make more money for more clothes and food, I don't care much. I'm a passionate person. I miss having a passion!
I've never felt this way before. I've always had so much going on! I keep thinking change is just around the bend. But while my life has been full of change for the past year and a half, there still isn't purpose. Has anyone else ever felt this way? How do you get over it?

PS- please do not say something about getting out and dating more. If anything meeting yet another 35 year old "man" who still lives with his parents, has a lame ass job, and saves us up his money to buy more video games and snowmobiles, just depresses me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Cuteness of My Kitten

Yes, I'm going there. I'm blogging about the cuteness of my little kitten. Mostly because today it made me sad to realize that he's not all that little anymore, as you can see from the pictures!

I've changed his name a few times, and have finally settled on Bosephus, or just Bo for short. But truthfully I just call him "Kitten." He's a cat, he doesn't care what his name is.

He used to be a tiny little guy that I worried all day long I was going to lose in the apartment somewhere or accidentally step on. (It happened more than once.) But now instead every morning he likes to cuddle with my feet. I have no idea why. But this seems to be a part of his routine- find me on the couch, and warm my feet for me. It's cute until he decides to start chewing on my feet.

Whenever I leave the house he likes to go in my closet and pull anything he seems to have time to pull down off the hangers and make a pile in the middle of the bedroom. Occasionally a few items even make it into a pile in the living room. I can go to the trouble of putting everything back on hangers, but as soon as I leave and come home again, he's pulled them all down again. Sadly, my closets cannot be closed tight enough to keep him out.
Yesterday I was working on the couch, wearing sweats as usual, and got a little warm and took my sweatshirt off. I know that I put it on the floor right next to me. A few minutes later I got chilly again and reached down to put it back on. But it wasn't there. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the sweatshirt that just 10 minutes before was sitting right next to me. So I got up to investigate and found my sweatshirt behind the couch with Bo who was all snuggled up nice and warm inside of it. I took my sweatshirt back, just to see him disappear into my bedroom. Minutes later he returned with my bra, which he put in front of the TV, where he sat on it and stared at me for a while.

His favorite place to sit continues to be on me or whatever I am sitting on. I've been sleeping with my heating pad a lot lately (ahem, I have returned to the gym!) and it never ceases to amuse me that he thinks he can push me off the heating pad so he can sit on it.

We still play fetch every day. It makes me a little sad that he doesn't play it as obsessively as he used to. I used to wake up every morning with him pouncing on my head and dropping his favorite toy on my face. I can't say I miss that part much. I guess I just don't want him to grow up yet. I want him to stay cute and little. Is that so wrong of me?

Worst Dream Ever

I just woke up from the worst dream I've ever had. I'm not happy.
I've always been glad that for the most part I don't have bad dreams. I have odd dreams, and I've had bad experience dreams. But this is the first time in my whole life that I've woken up in a cold sweat and crying.
So what did I dream?
That I was back in college (which was eerily reminiscent of a poorly lit Union Station in DC), and I was in the bathroom, and suddenly my backpack broke and nearly falls in the toilet. As I scrambled to get all of my papers and books off the floor and save them from the toilet, I found materials for a class I had dropped out of (Guitar 101- a class I never did take in school). And then suddenly, the girl in the stall next to me says, "Oh are you in that class too? Are you ready for the final?" Then I realize I may still be in the class, and that I'm about to fail my final. It's the last day of classes and I have to find the registrar's office to find out what classes I am in. So I go running (holding all of my books, gym clothes, and inexplicably 2 rolls of toilet paper) to find the office. I finally find it (it was hiding behind a car dealership- I never said this all made sense) and I ask for my schedule. The registrar tells me I'm in Guitar 101 and I'm also in an English class, and I've never attended either of them. And if I don't get perfect grades on both of the finals I won't pass the classes. And if I don't pass, I won't graduate that week.
I started to cry and freak out, and finally I just woke up. I was in a cold sweat and trembling and still crying. And I really really had to pee really bad.
I never ever want to dream like that again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For My Little Sisty Ugler

I hope you dance. And sing. And record it and put it on YouTube so I can put it on my blog.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mindy Gledhill Concert to Benefit Stephanie and Christan Nielson

The incredible, kind, beautiful, and amazingly talented Mindy Gledhill will be performing in Mesa, Arizona this upcoming Saturday, Oct 25, in a concert to benefit her friend Stephanie Nielson. Stephanie, better known in the blogger world as Nie Nie, was critically injured and burned in a plane crash in August, along with her husband. I was personally not familiar with the Nie Nie blog before the accident. But since then I have been blown away by the overwhelming response from blog followers to help out the Nielson family. If you are in the Mesa area, I hope you will go to Mindy's show. I can promise you it will be a great time. Mindy is a wonderful performer. If you aren't in the Mesa area, and still want to contribute to a worthy cause, click on any of the above links.
And while I'm at it, let me also add that Mindy has a great blog. She's talked about her relationship with Nie Nie, and her thoughts on Richard Simmons and Sweatin to the Oldies. How can you pass that up? Check her out at

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have a new crush, and other fun things

It was my last week of freedom. I haven't made an official blog announcement yet, so I guess I should do that now. I got a job! I start on Monday. I'll be doing social media marketing for a website based out of NYC, but I'll be working from home. I'm very excited, and ready to get on with it!
In order to get ready to get back to the working world, even if it is just working from home, I got a few things out of the way. Little things like deep cleaning the apartment, organizing crap, and going out and having some last minute fun with Little.
On Friday we went out to Thanksgiving Point to the Cornbelly's Maze. I'm still not quite sure what I think about the David Archuleta shaped maze. I love corn mazes. This was not my first one. But in the shape of D. Archie? Um... Whatever. Somehow we completely missed the maps, and entered in side 2. Don't ask me how, but we came out the exit for side 1 45 minutes later. Then we went on the hayride (I sneezed a lot), and went through the massive inflated dinosaur maze. I will admit both Little and I screamed a lot in the dinosaur maze. There's nothing quite like walking through dinosaur intestines in the pitch dark. Then we decided to go back through the corn maze again. We went in side 1 that time (still with no map), and 45 minutes later came out the exit for side 2. I have no idea how we did that. But we had fun!!
And look, here is a picture to prove it.

And then, out of the blue, on Friday Little and I got free tickets to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. (for the non-Utahans reading this, "Real" is pronounced "ree-ahl.") This was their last home game, and yet only their second game in their new stadium right near where we all live. Little is a big soccer player and huge fan, and I just love all major league sporting games.
And we had a blast, again, evidenced completely in the picture below.
Sometimes it is completely amazing to me that there are people who think I am a good role model for this kid.
(I feel I should mention that she is not putting a used KFC bucket on her head. That is a KFC Bucket Hat that they give out at games.)

Now, I mentioned in the title that I have a new crush. I am completely kicking myself for only discovering that Real/Major League Soccer games are possibly the best of all major league sporting events, at the very last home game for another 6 months. Because seriously, not only did I totally love the game, but I also have a major crush on this star Real player, Ian Joy #13. Not only is he completely adorable, and amazing on the field, he's an American with a Scottish accent. (He started playing professional soccer at age 14 in Scotland and picked up the accent.) Seriously, I want to eat him up. Adorable. And hot.

Now, tomorrow (Sunday) will be my last day of freedom before working again. Now that I know I'm going to be in Utah for a while longer (there was a good chance that I was going to be leaving, but now we know i'll be here a few more months), I'm going to give the singles ward one last try. Wish me luck. I am seriously lacking in the social life department (hanging out with Little is fun and rewarding, but, well, you know). So here we go. One more try.
Oh and then choir practice. I'm so excited for choir! We're singing some amazing Christmas music at some incredible places soon. More details to come.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Late night random thoughts

I can't sleep for the life of me. It is after 1 am and I am WIDE AWAKE, in spite of having taken Nyquil earlier. Nyquil? Am I sick? No. But it occurred to me the other day that every night I take an allergy pill and a sleeping pill. And then the next day I got coupons for Nyquil and a stronger 12 hour allergy medication. So I came up with this brilliant plan to take the stronger allergy medicine in the morning, and Nyquil at night. I thought for sure the Nyquil would help with my nighttime congestion issues, and knock me right out. Right? Wrong. Whatever. I took it 2 hours ago and my throat still hurts and I'm still congested, and I am obviously wide awake.
I give up!
So here I sit with a head full of odd thoughts and the overwhelming urge to share them with you. First, my kitten is not a tiny baby anymore. I swear he gets bigger every day. This is best evidenced by the fact that we used to share my pillow. He has this crazy overwhelming urge to sleep cheek to cheek with me. When he was the size of a small nerf ball this was cute. He curled up next to my head as I slept and was happy as long as his face was next to mine. But now he steals the entire pillow, and actually complains and bites me if I dare take up too much room on it myself. How did this happen? When did the kitten start calling the shots around here? Right now he's sleeping next to me with his back paws up on my arm. As long as he is touching me, he is okay. But if I dare move him, he will bite me and start complaining loudly. And then no one gets to sleep.
My next random thought-
Did you know that the next big thing in television is going to be personalized commercials? One of the developments that has come along with digital television is being able to track you as the viewer more closely. For instance, the "reader" can tell by public records, and my viewing choices, that I am a single female, in that vague age range of 30-40, with no children in my house, with a certain type of income, all by analyzing the tv shows I watch. I watch several prime time shows, no family shows, no cartoons, many "chick" shows, and a few sporting events. This will tell my TV to not waste its time showing me diaper commercials, or large truck commercials, and to focus on cosmetics and clothing instead. Tonight I was watching some shows online, and the commercials that I was getting were so not for me. And all I could think was that I look forward to the day when the commercials are better segregated and personalized for me.
Another interesting type of technology that is coming out will be for our DVR's. Anyone else out there wish that when they see a commercial for a show coming up that they could just hit record on the remote control right then without having to go look up the show? The technology for this has been around for a while, but for some reason isn't very widely used. I,for one, look forward to this technology becoming more popular.
Last but not least, I really really don't get the concept of giving children really bizarre names or intentionally spelling them oddly. As someone with a slightly uncommon name, I can testify to the childhood sadness of never being able to find your name on a mug or keychain at amusement parks. Or how annoying it is when someone spells your name completely wrong (it isn't Aaron! that's a boy's name!). Or when they just flat out mispronounce it (eee-rin is not a name!). Giving your child a stupid spelling isn't going to help them any in school either. What about all those i before e rules?? How are they supposed to learn these things when apparently their parents are too good (or too dumb) for them? For the love of Pete, give your children easy to spell, normal names! Give the poor kids a chance to fit in! Also, have you ever noticed how no one names their kids Jennifer, Amanda, or Heather anymore? Apparently those name never made it out of the 70's.
That's enough for one night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Return of the Happy Thoughts

In no particular order, today's happy thoughts are-
1. My cat really is the cuddliest cat ever.
2. I have successfully been to the gym 2 days in a row, and I can still walk all by myself.
3. Sometime next week I will have really good news to report.
4. I get to spend most of the day tomorrow with my "Little" at Thanksgiving Point, and I can't wait!
5. In spite of my extreme laziness, I have also managed to keep my apartment strangely clean for 5 whole days now. I could get used to this.
6. Zyrtec-D.
7. I got hit on today twice. And I hadn't even brushed my hair.
8. The Due West boys really are amazing. They are going to do a show in Idaho next month to help raise money for a man with cancer and his family. I consider myself very lucky to be affiliated with such good good people.
9. Julipalooza will be home in just 3 more days. While I hope Hurricane Omar isn't ruining her cruise, I'm still more than ready for her to get home!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny Stories From the Nephew Front

From my sister, Little Sisty Ugler, the mother of the cutest nephews around.

1.  I took the boys to the doc the other day.  I decided that while I was there I should get Tell his flu shot for this winter.  I didn't tell him until about 30 seconds before he got it.  I was looking down at Porter when the nurse came in.  I saw a concerned look on the nurses face and she said "Are you OK?"  I looked over at Tell.  I couldn't help but laugh for a moment when I saw the pitiful site that the nurse saw.  Tell was rocking back and forth while hugging himself with red cheeks and hot tears filling up in his eyes.  He was so upset.  I hugged him while he got his shot which lasted only one second.  Then he blinked his eyes and said with a half smile, "Oh, that didn't even hurt!"  Then we walked out of the room to the checkout desk and I noticed Tell's leg almost give out and go wobbly.  I said, "Tell what was that?  Did you almost fall down?"  And he said that sometimes when he gets really scared or something he gets dizzy.  He is such an emotional little guy!

2.  Dallin wrote a story about a Crazy Cat.  Reading his phonetic spelling is always fun to do but there was one word that I thought was ultra cute.  The story went something like... The crazy cat was looking for a job but couldn't find a "nuderone"(nud-er-one) (another one)! 

3.  And as for Porter... Remember the younger brother character in the movie, "Sandlot" who repeated everything his older brother said?  That is Porter for you, always repeating exactly what his brothers say and imitating their body movement at the same time.  He even chimes in with the "stop copying me!" before his brother gets the chance to say it first.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I Spent My Day Yesterday or The Case of the Broken Window

Yesterday was not the day I had planned. I had planned on running errands and doing the normal stuff I do. But just five minutes after leaving my house, things went completely "off-track." (Bad pun. Keep reading.) I first went to McDonalds, rolled down the driver's side window, got my drink (large Diet Coke with Monopoly game pieces), and drove about ten feet forward to get out of the way for the next person before rolling up my window. I still had my drink in my hand. I wasn't moving thankfully. Cause as I rolled up my window, it suddenly made a large banging noise and shattered everywhere. I screamed or gasped (I don't remember which) and got glass in my mouth. It hit me in the face as well. I spilled Diet Coke in my lap. And the pictures below are the rest of the damage.
There is a recall out on the windows in my car already. But I'm on a 6 month waiting list for my turn to get it fixed. I drove straight to the nearest dealership when it happened. I didn't receive the greatest service there, but whatever. I think I'm mostly irritated that I came in with a shattered window, and had blood on my hands and face, and they weren't more attentive to me, and didn't ask if I was okay. But they did fix the one window for free. The other window is still on the waiting list to get fixed. (Annoying.)
But all is well that ends well. It is fixed, I didn't have to pay anything, and the cuts on my hands are minor.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vanity, nothing more

I think I want Kate Winslet's hair. Thoughts?

More Reasons Why Utah's Laws Favor Employers

An update in the former Cobalt Communications Group employees versus our old employer case.

A letter was sent to the State Wage and Labor commission by one of us expressing frustration that the State just doesn't try hard enough.
This was the State's response.

I believe that Mr. Blanco had done a good job explaining to you the legal process that is involved in the effort to collect wages, so there is nothing I can really add other than to reiterate that we are bound by the legal process in trying to collect wages.  Whether the effort to collect wages is made through our office administratively or through the court system, legal process is involved and must be followed.  We cannot guarantee the actual payment of wages; we can only take lawful and orderly steps that put valid legal pressure on a responsible party to pay. The effort culminates in a civil judgment against not only the business entity but also the individual principals (which in this case is Ms. McGarry).  As you know, a civil judgment adversely affects a person's credit.  We do guarantee you the effort by our office and the Attorney General's office to collect on the civil judgment soon to be filed in your case.

So basically, by sending out innocuous letters they put pressure on someone. The end. Oh, and in 8 years from now, it will all effect her credit badly. Again, that is it. No guarantees that the employee will ever get their money. But hey! Employers will be harassed with letters! (Which our employer just keeps marking "return to sender" without ever opening. She's so classy.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Cheap and Proud of It

The economic crisis is causing a lot of people to want to be better prepared. I'd like to be one of those people. Utah probably isn't the only place in the U.S. making a huge point to stock up on emergency supplies and beef up their food storage supplies.  For the last several months (before losing my jobs), one of my priorities was to shop more at Costco, buying larger essential items, and stock up slowly on different necessities when I saw them on sale at the stores. As a result, when I lost my jobs and money, I was in a good place with food and several toiletry items. I really haven't had to spend much money at all on buying groceries over the last few months. But now it has been about two months, and... yeah. I'm down to the stuff I really don't want to eat or just wasn't very useful to start with. For instance, cans of mushrooms. What the heck did I buy 10 cans of sliced mushrooms for? If I remember correctly it was because I like to add them to spaghetti sauce, and I got them for $0.20 a piece. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
So now here we are entering a potential economic crisis, I have little in the way of funds, and I just depleted my emergency supplies! Uh oh. But on the bright side, I did have the supplies!
Today I returned to my old ways of coupon cutting. But I took it one step further than usual! I even pulled out the weekly ads for the two local grocery stores and compared who had better prices and where my coupons will be doubled. I've made my menu for the next few weeks around the coupons and options. If my math is right, I'm going to save over 40% on groceries this week. I'm actually kind of excited to go shopping, just to see how much I can save!
I'd love to get more pointers on ways to save money on essentials. I cut coupons, comparison shop, and frequent the double coupon days. I find buying bulk for just one person usually means a lot of my food goes bad before I can get to it. So what do you do? Got any suggestions?

The Job Hunt

Every day a different employment site I have been to sends me a list of jobs I may be qualified for in my area. 9 times out of 10 these job suggestions make no sense whatsoever. Today was a great example of that.
Listed below you'll find today's top jobs matching your profile.
Keep in mind I have 7-10 years of marketing experience, including trade show management and event planning experience, and social media marketing experience. I list myself as looking for something in mid- to senior management.

Sandwich Artists, Subway, Salt Lake City, UT-- words fail me. But I do suppose that on some level I am qualified to work for minimum wage making Subway sandwiches. If nothing else, my father would really love the discount on food there. Thankfully, unemployment pays me enough that I don't have to do this.

Assistant (Remote, part-time vacancy; $3500/month), Insurance Company
Salt Lake City, UT-- Sure, there is a chance this may work for me. Except I looked, and it doesn't. It's an office assistant position, part time, and you only make that much money on commission if you are a top seller.

Advertising Sales Specialist - Development (1651), FMW OC, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-- Again, another entry level position. Not to mention, advertising and marketing are not the same thing.

Operational Marketing Manager, Surgery, GE Healthcare
Salt Lake City, UT-- This position actually looked interesting for a minute. Until it said 10-15 years of experience selling large medical and surgical equipment. Um, no.

Art and Photography Opportunities, Navy
Salt Lake City, UT-- WTF? They want me to enlist in the Navy for an entry level position??

News and Media Opportunities, Navy
Salt Lake City, UT- I repeat the above WTF.

Photographer- The Studio at Target, Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Inc.
Sandy, UT-- Clearly they have never seen my photography skills. Or understood that I am looking for a job in MARKETING.

Unit Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A
West Jordan, UT-Requires 7-10 years of experience in working in fast food outlet. 

Administrative/Marketing Assistant, Verti-Crete
Salt Lake City, UT- Another lovely entry level position requiring 1-2 years of experience. Whatever would I do with my other 8 years of experience?

Territory Manager, Medicis
Salt Lake City, UT- Another one requiring several years of specialized experience.

Advertising Internet Sales Representatives, Professional Computer Resources, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-- For the last time! Sales and Marketing are NOT the same thing. I am not, and never will be, a salesperson!

Outside Advertising Internet Sales Representatives, Professional Computer Resources, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-Please see above.

Advertising Sales Opportunity, Direct Advertising Consultants
Salt Lake City, UT-- Selling ad space in the phone book is NOT the same as marketing and event planning. Sorry if that confuses you.

And we wonder why it is taking me so long to find a job!

Reading the Signs

I have a few job hunting crazy things on my mind right now. An opportunity has come up that may or may not lead to anything, but it has me thinking almost non-stop about it. Part of me knows I shouldn't do that, because the rejection will sting that much more. But at the same time, I'm the kind of person who has to know if they would take the offer, if it were to come, before they can even go down that road. Does that make sense?
I'm sure it is just because I suddenly have this particular job and place on my mind so that I'm suddenly seeing so many signs. But I can't help it. Every where I look, there is something else reminding me of it. I think the signs are telling me I have to go to this totally unexpected place.
(Don't you love when I can't be more exact or descriptive?)
So for my happy thoughts of the day, I will say that it is fun to be excited about something. And that I had a great time at the Operation Kids gala tonight with Sara. There are a few pictures from my phone up on Facebook that you can see (without even having to be my friend first) right here. I managed to get pictures of Senator Hatch, John Walsh of America's Most Wanted (truly one of the kindest and most thoughtful celebrities I have ever met), Dennis Haysbert (the president from 24, and the guy in the Allstate commercials - Allstate was a sponsor tonight), Collin Raye (who sang one of the "signs" to me), and Jim Brickman (who looks a lot like John Corbett in person, and I crush a lot on John Corbett). I wasn't able to get a shot of David Archuleta, who was there, but didn't perform. I did make eye contact with him though, so that means... absolutely nothing, right?
It was fun to get all dressed up and do some volunteer work for such a worthy cause tonight. I had a good time and several good laughs. And (shh! don't tell Sara) I took the box of gift chocolates from our hotel dressing room.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 5 of the Happy Thoughts Campaign

Well, we're on Day 5 of the Happy Thoughts Campaign, and I think it is working. I am feeling happier as I stop and take account of all the good things that happened. Today I got to go do some volunteer work downtown, and I'll return again tomorrow. With my life being all about me- me- me these days, it was nice to do something for someone else for a change. I look forward to tomorrow's chance to do some more good.
And I had another good promising lead in the job hunt, and that always makes me happy.
And last but not least I was grateful today that in spite of how tight my funds are, when I had a small emergency this morning, I still had the money I needed to take care of it. When I heard I would be attempting to live off of 1/4th of what I used to make, money for emergencies was the first thing I worried I wouldn't have. What if I need an unexpected medication? What if I get (another) flat tire? Things like that. So my happy thoughts today are also grateful thoughts that my miserly income has taught me to budget better, and I've been better prepared for emergencies. Go figure.
Oh and one more happy thought! "The Mentalist" finally put a new episode up on If you haven't watched that show yet, you really really should!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another day, another reason to smile

I like happy thoughts that really are happy. Today I had several reasons to smile! My top 2- a company I did some consulting work for - before Sept 1!- finally paid me today. Halle-freakin-lujah. That alone was happy news. Considering how tight my budget is right now, this paycheck was really really welcome. Next, I had a conference call with another consulting job, and it went very well. Which hopefully will lead me to sharing even happier news in the near future.  And there were other good things. But I don't have to share all of them, right? 
It was such a good day that I even went out and celebrated poor girl style. I bought a USB cord, mopped the floor, cleaned the dishwasher, cleaned the washing machine, went to the library, and the post office, wrote up a case study, watched approximately 6 hours of television, got Indian food take out, got McDonalds game pieces, and made another trip to the grocery store. For a girl who has done pretty much nothing all day every day for the last 2 months, that was a freaking long day! Granted compared to my old life where I would have done all of that plus worked a 10 hour day, that is nothing. But right now, for my lazy ass, it feels like a lot of work!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Today's Happy Thought

Today's happy thought comes in the form of the only truly stupid game I fall for repeatedly. Monopoly at McDonald's. Yes, it is that time of the year again where the game comes back and I suddenly feel the need to go buy Mickey D's almost every day. 
You know how it says in the details in the tiny print on the game pieces that no purchase is necessary? Yeah, they lie. It's sort of not necessary. You just have to send in a letter and request a game piece. So dumb. Why can't the stores just give me a free game piece?
Anyway, blog friends, I extend you a deal. If you will play along with me, and share your pieces with me, I'll share the winnings, if we win something that is. I will daily (along with my happy thoughts) post the game pieces I have accumulated. And if they have an online board again this year (yep, I get into it that much that I know about the online board), I will put them up there to help you along. 
All of the tangible items, like big screen tv's or cars, also have a cash option. So if we win something like that, we'll still be able to share. 
Also, do keep in mind your dear blog friend is unemployed and poor, and therefore, could really use your free burgers, hash browns, and diet cokes that you get in the game pieces. Hint, hint. 


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Utah Wage Laws Favor Bad Employers, and Hurt Employees- HELP US!

While the country turns it's attention to the Wall St bailout, it is time for Utah to turn it's attention to the laws that allow these things to happen. With many of Utah's start up businesses and new companies financed not by profits, but instead by venture capitalists and loans from outside interests, many companies are suddenly facing going under. Many of these employers will choose to use the Utah code to their advantage and just walk away, never paying their employees. With our current code, employees may never see a dime.

This isn't just about Wall St or bad investments. This is about a bad law that protects employers, while doing nothing to protect employees. Say an employer decides it is in his or her best interest to walk away from the business and go find other employment, leaving the employees without a paycheck or employment. Utah actually protects the employer from having to pay the employee!

According to Utah Admin Code R610-3 Filing, Investigation, and Resolution of Wage Claims employers who fail to pay their employees are first sent a letter, and then sent another letter, and another, and another. Eventually, after 90 days, (assuming the Wage and Labor Commission moves quickly and efficiently), the claim gets moved to the Attorney General's Office, where, you guessed it, another letter is sent. Eventually, when these busy agencies have time, the case is moved to an arbitration and mediation court. It then takes about 5-8 months to get an appointment with that court. And if and when that magic day ever arrives, it will be determined that yes or no the employer owes the employee. If it is determined that in fact they do owe them wages, a lien is placed against the employer's assets.

How long does it take for that lien to produce anything for the long-suffering employee?
Utah Admin Code R610-3-14-2. The docketing of an Order shall constitute a lien against the real property of the defendant situated in the county for a period of eight years.

Yes, you read that right. An employee may have to wait EIGHT YEARS to get their wages! There is no “golden parachute” to help these employees who are suddenly both without a job and screwed out of their wages.
When we go to work we put our trust in our employers that they will provide for us in exchange for the labors we perform. We put our livelihood in their hands and rely on the fact that as long as we do our best, we will be paid, and in turn be able to provide for our families.
But Utah employers who get tired of running a business, or lose financing, or simply decide that there is more money to be made elsewhere can walk away from the business and the employees that depend on them, with little consequences.
This is not moral and this is not right! Employers should face criminal charges for running faulty businesses and failing to pay their employees. Men and women CEO's who chose to leave their businesses for higher paying salaries with other organization with no thoughts or cares to the employees they screw over in their wake should face public punishments, and not just inconvenient fines.

Utah, take a look closer at home and ask yourself if you will be protected if your employer goes under or walks away from the business. Will you be paid? Will you be prepared to wait eight years before seeing those wages? Will you be able to survive on unemployment at a fraction of your past earnings?

Don't just sit and watch Wall Street. Take action here at home. Let's change these laws that protect employers and not the employees. Let's make it criminal to not pay employees! Ask the state legislature candidates what they plan to do to protect employees. Challenge the law. Stand up and make it clear that we will not allow employees to be taken advantage of!

Help me and my former co-workers who have been so hurt by this law (having not received a cent of the money our past employer owes us, since July, and will probably never see our duly earned wages), by "Facebooking," Digging, bookmarking, linking, whatever it is you can do. Help us spread the word about this bad law, and bring attention to a subject that deserves notice. You don't have to be in Utah to help spread the word! But if you are in Utah, you can send a link to this article (or copy and paste it) to any of the candidates currently running for State Legislature. All of their names are RIGHT HERE.  

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mind Over Matter

My goal for the next week is to "just say something nice, or not saying anything at all." Mostly it is because things are so rough right now that I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to see the good in anything.
So for the next week I will share a happy picture, a happy thought, and do one happy sort of thing for me.
I read a book at the library last week (sometimes, in my infinite boredom, I go to the library and read a whole book while I'm there) that said you should spend an hour each day both job hunting and man hunting. I found it amusing. So I'm taking the theory, and applying it slightly differently. I'm going to continue to spend an hour each day job hunting, and I will now spend an hour every day looking for a life. Because, oh man, I need one!

So the significance of the picture above? On Friday I went up to Ruth's Diner in Parley's Canyon and had a great bbq sandwich. It's always beautiful up there, and this week was no disappointment as the leaves around the diner had already changed colors. It was lovely.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Story Telling versus the Pain of Real Life

Today in my infinite boredom I went to go see a film I would most likely otherwise not have seen on the big screen. But I was feeling nostalgic for home and "Nights in Rodanthe" is filmed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. To my Virginia friends I do not have to explain why the OBX are as much a part of home as any other part of DC is to me. It's where holidays and vacations have been spent several times over many years. And when I heard this film was filmed on location, I knew I was going to have to see it just for a glimpse of the shore I love, the beautiful houses, and the wild horses.
But this isn't a review of the film or even a walk down OBX memory lane. It's my thoughts on reality versus books and movies.
As I watched the film today I found myself rolling my eyes as yet another movie shows a couple who just 2 days previously were complete strangers, sharing an intimate and personal moment in bed, as comfortable as old lovers. This of course happened after the two strangers shared an intense moment in the height of a hurricane. (And wow, did they not do a good job on what it feels like to be in a hurricane. For starters, the heaviest object in the room is not the thing that falls over. And second, no one sleeps beneath a window as it rattles and shakes. Third, you don't wait until the wind is right on you and the rain is pouring down to put up the shutters. You do that days in advance and then just sit in the humid darkness. But I digress.)
In movies and frequently in books, the main protagonist or character will be in angst or confusion, go through a massive crisis, and then suddenly find the answers and joy (and love) from the crisis. They are angry, confused, or conflicted, or simply just being, and then suddenly the storm comes, the war starts, a comet hits the Earth, or the murderer is released from jail, and then poof! They find the answers to life.
I couldn't help but think about how this traditional method of storytelling (intro, escalation, climax, resolution) is so unrealistic, and probably even unhealthy, the more we hear it. In real life our problems tend to begin with a crisis, and never solved in the arms of a stranger. In fact, during a crisis we do frequently learn more about ourselves, but we do so over time and in reflection and as we clean up the wreckage of the crisis. Has the neat and tidy method of traditional storytelling lead us to subconsciously believe we'll find happiness from the crisis?
Not to pick on "Nights in Rodanthe" too much, but since the plot to a certain point is fairly predictable, I will use it. If you don't want to know that this is your typical love story where two strangers meet in a crisis and fall in love, don't keep reading.
But if in reality a woman went to the Outer Banks alone to mull over her ex-husband's proposal, and a strange man entered her life, it is more likely that she would avoid the man. Granted if he looks like Richard Gere she may allow herself conversation and flirtation because, hey, he's hot. But would she really build some lasting love relationship, while trying to run a friend's inn, and thinking about her ex? Highly unlikely. More likely would be that she'd be on the phone to her sister or girlfriend, writing in her journal, and making a list of pros and cons, etc. She wouldn't be available!
And then a man going through a divorce, emotionally unavailable his whole life, dealing with a personal tragedy of his own, is suddenly going to be helpful and kind and interested in some screwed up woman's personal affairs?
But like I said, I'm not hear to talk about the movie. I'm talking about storytelling. Has the method of traditional storytelling hurt us? Convinced us we will be better for the crisis?
What do you think?

I Grew A Pair

Today started out miserably. There was even a point in the day where I just finally pulled off the side of the road, took a short break from life, and just CRIED. I was so angry and frustrated and disappointed and overwhelmed I just had to let it out and go.
And then I grew a pair.
(I am so tempted to post a picture of truck nuts right here, but I know I'd offend too many friends, so I won't.)
In fact, I went to my second favorite place to eat in all of SLC (first favorite is still Bella's in Ogden), The Bakery and had a lovely meal. See? Here it is!
(It does seem a little contradictory to say "I grew a pair" while I ate at undoubtedly one of the girliest places in all of Utah. But isn't it a cute little outdoor place?)

And then half way through my meal I realized I could fix this. I do have some control in this situation! And on the back of my napkin I composed an entire plan on how I am going to change a bad law, get the money from the past employers, and how I am going to pretty much just raise some hell.

I came home and commenced Operation Stop the Wicked Witch. And so far, it feels pretty damn good.

Stay tuned for more! I'M BACK!

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