Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Cuteness of My Kitten

Yes, I'm going there. I'm blogging about the cuteness of my little kitten. Mostly because today it made me sad to realize that he's not all that little anymore, as you can see from the pictures!

I've changed his name a few times, and have finally settled on Bosephus, or just Bo for short. But truthfully I just call him "Kitten." He's a cat, he doesn't care what his name is.

He used to be a tiny little guy that I worried all day long I was going to lose in the apartment somewhere or accidentally step on. (It happened more than once.) But now instead every morning he likes to cuddle with my feet. I have no idea why. But this seems to be a part of his routine- find me on the couch, and warm my feet for me. It's cute until he decides to start chewing on my feet.

Whenever I leave the house he likes to go in my closet and pull anything he seems to have time to pull down off the hangers and make a pile in the middle of the bedroom. Occasionally a few items even make it into a pile in the living room. I can go to the trouble of putting everything back on hangers, but as soon as I leave and come home again, he's pulled them all down again. Sadly, my closets cannot be closed tight enough to keep him out.
Yesterday I was working on the couch, wearing sweats as usual, and got a little warm and took my sweatshirt off. I know that I put it on the floor right next to me. A few minutes later I got chilly again and reached down to put it back on. But it wasn't there. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the sweatshirt that just 10 minutes before was sitting right next to me. So I got up to investigate and found my sweatshirt behind the couch with Bo who was all snuggled up nice and warm inside of it. I took my sweatshirt back, just to see him disappear into my bedroom. Minutes later he returned with my bra, which he put in front of the TV, where he sat on it and stared at me for a while.

His favorite place to sit continues to be on me or whatever I am sitting on. I've been sleeping with my heating pad a lot lately (ahem, I have returned to the gym!) and it never ceases to amuse me that he thinks he can push me off the heating pad so he can sit on it.

We still play fetch every day. It makes me a little sad that he doesn't play it as obsessively as he used to. I used to wake up every morning with him pouncing on my head and dropping his favorite toy on my face. I can't say I miss that part much. I guess I just don't want him to grow up yet. I want him to stay cute and little. Is that so wrong of me?


  1. There's nothing wrong with wanting you baby to stay small. I called my dog baby until the day she passed away.

    I'm glad to see that your kitty brings you so much joy. That type of happiness is wondeful!

  2. Sisty Ugler11:07 PM

    Crazy cat lady

  3. Sisty Ugler11:11 PM

    No, just kidding. You are not a crazy cat lady...yet. I love your cat. I tell people about how crazy your cat is. It really is a unique critter, you got there. I like the picture of the cat curled up under your lap top between your legs. He's so funny. Konticky and him would have made such good friends.


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