Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 5 of the Happy Thoughts Campaign

Well, we're on Day 5 of the Happy Thoughts Campaign, and I think it is working. I am feeling happier as I stop and take account of all the good things that happened. Today I got to go do some volunteer work downtown, and I'll return again tomorrow. With my life being all about me- me- me these days, it was nice to do something for someone else for a change. I look forward to tomorrow's chance to do some more good.
And I had another good promising lead in the job hunt, and that always makes me happy.
And last but not least I was grateful today that in spite of how tight my funds are, when I had a small emergency this morning, I still had the money I needed to take care of it. When I heard I would be attempting to live off of 1/4th of what I used to make, money for emergencies was the first thing I worried I wouldn't have. What if I need an unexpected medication? What if I get (another) flat tire? Things like that. So my happy thoughts today are also grateful thoughts that my miserly income has taught me to budget better, and I've been better prepared for emergencies. Go figure.
Oh and one more happy thought! "The Mentalist" finally put a new episode up on If you haven't watched that show yet, you really really should!

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