Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Funny Stories From the Nephew Front

From my sister, Little Sisty Ugler, the mother of the cutest nephews around.

1.  I took the boys to the doc the other day.  I decided that while I was there I should get Tell his flu shot for this winter.  I didn't tell him until about 30 seconds before he got it.  I was looking down at Porter when the nurse came in.  I saw a concerned look on the nurses face and she said "Are you OK?"  I looked over at Tell.  I couldn't help but laugh for a moment when I saw the pitiful site that the nurse saw.  Tell was rocking back and forth while hugging himself with red cheeks and hot tears filling up in his eyes.  He was so upset.  I hugged him while he got his shot which lasted only one second.  Then he blinked his eyes and said with a half smile, "Oh, that didn't even hurt!"  Then we walked out of the room to the checkout desk and I noticed Tell's leg almost give out and go wobbly.  I said, "Tell what was that?  Did you almost fall down?"  And he said that sometimes when he gets really scared or something he gets dizzy.  He is such an emotional little guy!

2.  Dallin wrote a story about a Crazy Cat.  Reading his phonetic spelling is always fun to do but there was one word that I thought was ultra cute.  The story went something like... The crazy cat was looking for a job but couldn't find a "nuderone"(nud-er-one) (another one)! 

3.  And as for Porter... Remember the younger brother character in the movie, "Sandlot" who repeated everything his older brother said?  That is Porter for you, always repeating exactly what his brothers say and imitating their body movement at the same time.  He even chimes in with the "stop copying me!" before his brother gets the chance to say it first.


  1. the clothes on that dog is hilarious!!!

    I love personified animals so that made me an easy mark! Really easy mark!

  2. to clarify... I do not enjoy clothes intended for a dog to wear. That actually drives me batty.
    Just the fact that he is wearing people clothes is what makes it funny. Particularly the underwear.


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