Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Grew A Pair

Today started out miserably. There was even a point in the day where I just finally pulled off the side of the road, took a short break from life, and just CRIED. I was so angry and frustrated and disappointed and overwhelmed I just had to let it out and go.
And then I grew a pair.
(I am so tempted to post a picture of truck nuts right here, but I know I'd offend too many friends, so I won't.)
In fact, I went to my second favorite place to eat in all of SLC (first favorite is still Bella's in Ogden), The Bakery and had a lovely meal. See? Here it is!
(It does seem a little contradictory to say "I grew a pair" while I ate at undoubtedly one of the girliest places in all of Utah. But isn't it a cute little outdoor place?)

And then half way through my meal I realized I could fix this. I do have some control in this situation! And on the back of my napkin I composed an entire plan on how I am going to change a bad law, get the money from the past employers, and how I am going to pretty much just raise some hell.

I came home and commenced Operation Stop the Wicked Witch. And so far, it feels pretty damn good.

Stay tuned for more! I'M BACK!


  1. You go girl! This is the start of something good.


  2. I recently saw one of those hanging from a truck up here in Canada. I thought, "Ugh, is that what I think it is?" Gross, man.


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