Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have a new crush, and other fun things

It was my last week of freedom. I haven't made an official blog announcement yet, so I guess I should do that now. I got a job! I start on Monday. I'll be doing social media marketing for a website based out of NYC, but I'll be working from home. I'm very excited, and ready to get on with it!
In order to get ready to get back to the working world, even if it is just working from home, I got a few things out of the way. Little things like deep cleaning the apartment, organizing crap, and going out and having some last minute fun with Little.
On Friday we went out to Thanksgiving Point to the Cornbelly's Maze. I'm still not quite sure what I think about the David Archuleta shaped maze. I love corn mazes. This was not my first one. But in the shape of D. Archie? Um... Whatever. Somehow we completely missed the maps, and entered in side 2. Don't ask me how, but we came out the exit for side 1 45 minutes later. Then we went on the hayride (I sneezed a lot), and went through the massive inflated dinosaur maze. I will admit both Little and I screamed a lot in the dinosaur maze. There's nothing quite like walking through dinosaur intestines in the pitch dark. Then we decided to go back through the corn maze again. We went in side 1 that time (still with no map), and 45 minutes later came out the exit for side 2. I have no idea how we did that. But we had fun!!
And look, here is a picture to prove it.

And then, out of the blue, on Friday Little and I got free tickets to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. (for the non-Utahans reading this, "Real" is pronounced "ree-ahl.") This was their last home game, and yet only their second game in their new stadium right near where we all live. Little is a big soccer player and huge fan, and I just love all major league sporting games.
And we had a blast, again, evidenced completely in the picture below.
Sometimes it is completely amazing to me that there are people who think I am a good role model for this kid.
(I feel I should mention that she is not putting a used KFC bucket on her head. That is a KFC Bucket Hat that they give out at games.)

Now, I mentioned in the title that I have a new crush. I am completely kicking myself for only discovering that Real/Major League Soccer games are possibly the best of all major league sporting events, at the very last home game for another 6 months. Because seriously, not only did I totally love the game, but I also have a major crush on this star Real player, Ian Joy #13. Not only is he completely adorable, and amazing on the field, he's an American with a Scottish accent. (He started playing professional soccer at age 14 in Scotland and picked up the accent.) Seriously, I want to eat him up. Adorable. And hot.

Now, tomorrow (Sunday) will be my last day of freedom before working again. Now that I know I'm going to be in Utah for a while longer (there was a good chance that I was going to be leaving, but now we know i'll be here a few more months), I'm going to give the singles ward one last try. Wish me luck. I am seriously lacking in the social life department (hanging out with Little is fun and rewarding, but, well, you know). So here we go. One more try.
Oh and then choir practice. I'm so excited for choir! We're singing some amazing Christmas music at some incredible places soon. More details to come.


  1. We did Cornbelly's today, and were DYING over the David Archuleta maze. HILARIOUS. (And... creepy?)

    Congratulations on your job! That's so great that you get to work from home! (My husband finds that we can go anywhere in the world and he'll still be able to work. Ah, technology!)

  2. Congrats on the job! Woo hoo.

    As for cutie Ian... well, one of my best friends married a Major League Soccer player. Just use your astute marketing skills to find out where the players hang out after the games - and make yourself present.

    In fact, my friend has a video of the first game she attended where she saw him - looking all sexy after scoring a goal - he was pouring water over his head to cool off and she turned to her friend and said, "I'm going to marry him."
    Anyway, in the TV coverage of the game, the camera went from him celebrating the goal to some pretty girl in the crowd... and it was her! She showed me that after the wedding!
    She met him later that night. They have two gorgeous kids now too.


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