Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Job Hunt

Every day a different employment site I have been to sends me a list of jobs I may be qualified for in my area. 9 times out of 10 these job suggestions make no sense whatsoever. Today was a great example of that.
Listed below you'll find today's top jobs matching your profile.
Keep in mind I have 7-10 years of marketing experience, including trade show management and event planning experience, and social media marketing experience. I list myself as looking for something in mid- to senior management.

Sandwich Artists, Subway, Salt Lake City, UT-- words fail me. But I do suppose that on some level I am qualified to work for minimum wage making Subway sandwiches. If nothing else, my father would really love the discount on food there. Thankfully, unemployment pays me enough that I don't have to do this.

Assistant (Remote, part-time vacancy; $3500/month), Insurance Company
Salt Lake City, UT-- Sure, there is a chance this may work for me. Except I looked, and it doesn't. It's an office assistant position, part time, and you only make that much money on commission if you are a top seller.

Advertising Sales Specialist - Development (1651), FMW OC, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-- Again, another entry level position. Not to mention, advertising and marketing are not the same thing.

Operational Marketing Manager, Surgery, GE Healthcare
Salt Lake City, UT-- This position actually looked interesting for a minute. Until it said 10-15 years of experience selling large medical and surgical equipment. Um, no.

Art and Photography Opportunities, Navy
Salt Lake City, UT-- WTF? They want me to enlist in the Navy for an entry level position??

News and Media Opportunities, Navy
Salt Lake City, UT- I repeat the above WTF.

Photographer- The Studio at Target, Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Inc.
Sandy, UT-- Clearly they have never seen my photography skills. Or understood that I am looking for a job in MARKETING.

Unit Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A
West Jordan, UT-Requires 7-10 years of experience in working in fast food outlet. 

Administrative/Marketing Assistant, Verti-Crete
Salt Lake City, UT- Another lovely entry level position requiring 1-2 years of experience. Whatever would I do with my other 8 years of experience?

Territory Manager, Medicis
Salt Lake City, UT- Another one requiring several years of specialized experience.

Advertising Internet Sales Representatives, Professional Computer Resources, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-- For the last time! Sales and Marketing are NOT the same thing. I am not, and never will be, a salesperson!

Outside Advertising Internet Sales Representatives, Professional Computer Resources, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT-Please see above.

Advertising Sales Opportunity, Direct Advertising Consultants
Salt Lake City, UT-- Selling ad space in the phone book is NOT the same as marketing and event planning. Sorry if that confuses you.

And we wonder why it is taking me so long to find a job!

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  1. Sales and Marketing are NOT the same thing AMEN!

    I have the same problem when looking for jobs. And, since I've held the title "sales & marketing manager," I have recruiters out the wazoo contacting me regarding SALES positions. I want to say 'Seriously? Did you actually READ my e-mail? Because I MANAGED sales operations, I didn't actually SELL anything!'

    You want to know the funny thing? Some of those positions you listed? They were on the lists I got back in late June. Guess they're being a little picky, eh?


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