Monday, October 20, 2008

Mindy Gledhill Concert to Benefit Stephanie and Christan Nielson

The incredible, kind, beautiful, and amazingly talented Mindy Gledhill will be performing in Mesa, Arizona this upcoming Saturday, Oct 25, in a concert to benefit her friend Stephanie Nielson. Stephanie, better known in the blogger world as Nie Nie, was critically injured and burned in a plane crash in August, along with her husband. I was personally not familiar with the Nie Nie blog before the accident. But since then I have been blown away by the overwhelming response from blog followers to help out the Nielson family. If you are in the Mesa area, I hope you will go to Mindy's show. I can promise you it will be a great time. Mindy is a wonderful performer. If you aren't in the Mesa area, and still want to contribute to a worthy cause, click on any of the above links.
And while I'm at it, let me also add that Mindy has a great blog. She's talked about her relationship with Nie Nie, and her thoughts on Richard Simmons and Sweatin to the Oldies. How can you pass that up? Check her out at

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  1. How random is this? One of my old college friends just mentioned "Nie Nie" to me ... and I had stumbled across her blog on someone else's blog awhile back.

    In any respect, she is highly regarded.


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