Monday, October 13, 2008

More Reasons Why Utah's Laws Favor Employers

An update in the former Cobalt Communications Group employees versus our old employer case.

A letter was sent to the State Wage and Labor commission by one of us expressing frustration that the State just doesn't try hard enough.
This was the State's response.

I believe that Mr. Blanco had done a good job explaining to you the legal process that is involved in the effort to collect wages, so there is nothing I can really add other than to reiterate that we are bound by the legal process in trying to collect wages.  Whether the effort to collect wages is made through our office administratively or through the court system, legal process is involved and must be followed.  We cannot guarantee the actual payment of wages; we can only take lawful and orderly steps that put valid legal pressure on a responsible party to pay. The effort culminates in a civil judgment against not only the business entity but also the individual principals (which in this case is Ms. McGarry).  As you know, a civil judgment adversely affects a person's credit.  We do guarantee you the effort by our office and the Attorney General's office to collect on the civil judgment soon to be filed in your case.

So basically, by sending out innocuous letters they put pressure on someone. The end. Oh, and in 8 years from now, it will all effect her credit badly. Again, that is it. No guarantees that the employee will ever get their money. But hey! Employers will be harassed with letters! (Which our employer just keeps marking "return to sender" without ever opening. She's so classy.)

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