Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reading the Signs

I have a few job hunting crazy things on my mind right now. An opportunity has come up that may or may not lead to anything, but it has me thinking almost non-stop about it. Part of me knows I shouldn't do that, because the rejection will sting that much more. But at the same time, I'm the kind of person who has to know if they would take the offer, if it were to come, before they can even go down that road. Does that make sense?
I'm sure it is just because I suddenly have this particular job and place on my mind so that I'm suddenly seeing so many signs. But I can't help it. Every where I look, there is something else reminding me of it. I think the signs are telling me I have to go to this totally unexpected place.
(Don't you love when I can't be more exact or descriptive?)
So for my happy thoughts of the day, I will say that it is fun to be excited about something. And that I had a great time at the Operation Kids gala tonight with Sara. There are a few pictures from my phone up on Facebook that you can see (without even having to be my friend first) right here. I managed to get pictures of Senator Hatch, John Walsh of America's Most Wanted (truly one of the kindest and most thoughtful celebrities I have ever met), Dennis Haysbert (the president from 24, and the guy in the Allstate commercials - Allstate was a sponsor tonight), Collin Raye (who sang one of the "signs" to me), and Jim Brickman (who looks a lot like John Corbett in person, and I crush a lot on John Corbett). I wasn't able to get a shot of David Archuleta, who was there, but didn't perform. I did make eye contact with him though, so that means... absolutely nothing, right?
It was fun to get all dressed up and do some volunteer work for such a worthy cause tonight. I had a good time and several good laughs. And (shh! don't tell Sara) I took the box of gift chocolates from our hotel dressing room.

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