Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Walk Down My College Memory Lane

So after giving myself the worst breakfast ever this morning and making myself sick all day, I decided to sit around and scan in old pictures from my college years and 20's. There's a LOT of pictures. Most have now been posted up on Facebook, but since 3 of the key players I want to see the old pictures aren't on Facebook, I'm double posting over here. Sorry for those who didn't care and have already seen them.
But for Lib, Bran, Karm, Min, and Kat, here you go!

I'd like to make it sound like we were somehow different from all other coed apartments, but the truth is, we were probably completely typical BYU coeds, just by the fact that we were so determined to not be typical! This picture is just one of many common scenes in our apartment. The 6 roommates surrounded by boys and goofing off on our huge couch. Two of the guys in this picture ended up marrying 2 of the girls in this picture. Oddly, they aren't necessarily the girls they are sitting by in this pic!
Ooh, and I can see the red foot pillow. Who's was red? Katy's?

Brandy and I are cuddling and keeping warm at a bonfire excursion. At least, that is what I think this was. 
I love this picture. I'm the one in the disco diva jumpsuit. Honestly, I'm only posting it to show how skinny I used to be. The guys in this picture were our FHE brothers. And the 3 blind mice were our FHE sisters. One of the brothers married one of the sisters. I don't really know what Karma's costume was. Katy and Brandy are Belle/Beauty and the Beast.
Finding Katy doing handstands in random places was another common scene for us. So was our overly decorated walls with stupid quotes. It was a wall of shame in a way. Every time we said something funny or stupid we would memorialize it by putting on the wall. As you can see in the background, we said a lot of stupid, I mean funny, things. 
Another common scene- roommate dogpiles, and sharing clothes. Brandy is in my dress, I'm in Karma's shirt. Katy is Brandy's shirt. etc, etc. 
Also, I see Libby's light green foot pillow. I miss our old foot pillows. 
Another dogpile. Karma is wearing my sweater. Someone's foot pillow is in the background too.
This picture probably does set us apart from many college coeds. We faithfully would get up at 6:30 every morning and have roommate prayer and a scripture together. Libby had a 7 am class, so we all got up together before she left. Normally we didn't fall asleep on the floor right after our prayers, but sometimes... well, sometimes we did. 
The six of us were all very different girls. From Katy's Seattle grunge to Karma's Southern Belle, to Libby's (dare I say it?) Utah Molly Mormon ways. But we got along very well. We had our bumps along the way, but for the most part, we were a very close knit group of girls. That was a rough year for each of us in our own different ways. All 6 of us had a major life changing event or decision to get through. I think the fact that we all made it through with our sanity in check says a lot.  One thing we always did was throw huge birthday parties for each other. This picture was at my 20th birthday party. I was so sick and miserable. I still remember it as the worst head cold I have ever had. I couldn't even hear I was so congested. It was awful. Oh, and there was a massive blizzard going on outside. But when your roommates get you a date for your birthday, you go, right? And when you get home from your date you will find about 100 ward members and cousins hiding in your house for a surprise party, in spite of the blizzard of snow outside. This is my favorite picture of the group of us because it was so sweet of them to try so hard to give me a birthday party in spite of how sick I was, and what major life events had just happened in a few of our lives. 
Okay, one last picture. This would be the thing that did set us apart from all other coeds. We had foot pillows. It all started with Libby's foot pillow. We all loved it and shared it. So it became tradition to have Libby's sister make one for each of our birthdays. The pillows matched our personalities. Mine was blond.
So Lib and Bran- I want to see your pictures!! I know you have them.


  1. Ahh, this makes me so happy! Those were GOOD days. If I could go back to any time in my past, it would be that year. Such good memories. Who would have thought that such randomly placed roommates would get along as well as we did?
    I miss my foot pillow!
    My favorite quote from the wall (at least it's the only one I can remember): "I'm fine, but then, I'm not wearing any pants." Remember who said that? :)
    And hold on here: I was the Molly?! ;)
    I haven't heard from anyone but you and Min in ages.
    I know I have one picture to post, but I'll have to dig for some others. Keep a look out on my blog.

  2. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard when I read this! I had forgotten about the pants quote. If I remember correctly, Karma said it to me and either Mindy or Brandy. There was a repairman in the kitchen working on the thermostat, and either Mindy or Brandy asked if we were hot in the living room. I was fine, and then Karma said, "I'm fine, but then, I'm not wearing any pants." She was wearing a skirt, I think. The look on the maintenance guy's face was priceless!
    The only other quote I can really remember was "Aw Wicked Day!" that you and I used to say. What was the name of the professor who got us saying that? He was my all time favorite professor in college.
    I'm going to keep laughing about Karma and the pants quote. That was so funny. I think that was the quote that started the Wall.
    And maybe you weren't the Molly. Mindy was a pretty big Molly too!

  3. It's ok if I was the token Molly. In fact, just knowing that makes me want to go out and do something evil: like toilet paper the bishop's house. :)
    I was trying to remember the nicknames we made up for each other. I think I was "Libby the Lou" and I think Brandy was the Lion. Was there a snake?

  4. when were you at BYU...they remind me of my time there...I was there 92-96. we must know someone in common.

  5. I love the picture of the girls who had fallen asleep on the floor. That is so cute. You were so skinny back then! Hey, here is some inspiration... I went to a half marathon (13 miles) in Sacramento this past weekend (to watch, not to run) and everytime a really old person ran across the finish line the anouncer would anounce their age and the crowd would cheer and cheer. Their were several runners in their 70's and the oldest person I heard announced was an 85 YR OLD WOMAN! That is inspiration, my friend.


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