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Where's a Magic 8 Ball when you need one?

This time last year I was entering into what I hope was the most stressful period of my life (in other words, I hope life never again gets as rough as it was last year). I was not-so-kindly told to go find a new job, and anxiously job hunting, dealing with the sudden and unexpected onset of 30 kidney stones, finding myself facing holiday depression, and then just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I was given three weeks to find a place and move, when I could barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. And then there was the Lortab dependency, miserable and worst Utah winter in years, and a car accident to boot.

Yeah, last year kind of sucked. Big time.

As a result, I'm entering into the holiday season by walking on egg shells. I'm nervous about a repeat. Every time I feel the tiniest twinge or pain in my side or back I fear going through 30 more kidney stones without health insurance. I have a new job, which is giving me freedoms I have wanted all my life, but ne…

What a Crazy Few Days It Has Been

I'd love to give a more detailed report, but I'm on the new computer I purchased during the wee hours of Black Friday. Oh yes, I went all out and camped outside a Best Buy in order to save $400 off a printer and computer. Was it worth it? Probably so. Ask me again after I have my own internet connection to work with, and I'm not hijacking someone else's. Right now the hijacked access I have works slower than my memory recalls dial-up working. But I love my sleek fancy new laptop otherwise.
I have no idea if this blog post will work, or if the site will most likely time out before I get it loaded.
In other Thanksgiving news, I had a great day on Thursday with my cousin "Atlanta." It was just the two of us, and we kept it fairly low key. I'll post a picture of our meal when I have a better internet connection.
After "dinner" I headed off to join Shabang for Black Friday. I got home at 7 am, where I then had to work for 8 hours. After that, I took a v…

Fever Induced Random Thoughts

This morning I woke up quite happy. Why? I didn't feel sick any more. No more flu, fever, or general malaise. And "Pushing Daisies" was coming on in approximately 14 hours. I was very happy.
I worked, because that is what I do for 8 hours a day.
I felt so good I ate a Guacamole Bacon Cheeseburger. I felt that good!
And then I visited several stores, cruising the Black Friday deals in advance.
I chose to blissfully ignore the slight sore throat I felt in the late afternoon.
I did more homework on Black Friday and figured out where I am going to have to camp out starting at 6 pm on Thursday if I want to save $400 off a computer I desperately need and want.
I cleaned.
I did the pre-cooking.
I watched TV.
I laughed as the kitten made war with a stray frozen cranberry and his reflection in the window.
And gave in and admitted I have a fever and sore throat and I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose.
This is not how I wanted to spend Thanksgiving.
It's not only goin…

And then I got the flu...

... and turned right back into the big baby that I really am.

And may I just say, this is NOT how I wanted to spend Thanksgiving?

More on fostering and adopting

Since my post on fostering raised a few questions about the LDS Church's stance on singles and adopting, I thought I'd write a post on the issue as I know it. This is not meant to be, in any way, shape, or form, the final word on the subject. It is what I personally have learned on the subject. If you have heard otherwise, and have documentation or links to back it up, I welcome them.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints set forth "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" on Sept 23, 1995. In this document, that the LDS Church recognizes as modern-day scripture, what a family and marriage is, is defined. Herein you will also find the declaration, "Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity."

If there is anything to know about the LDS Church it is that we hold the family to be the most sacred and important of all things on Earth. Everything re…

oh and then i cut my hair

And then I cut 4 inches off of my hair. That's all.

Due West Meets Little

If you have been paying much attention to this blog for the past 6 months you will probably recognize that the 4 people in the picture below are 4 of my absolute most favorite people on the planet. The picture is of Due West (l-r, Brad, Tim, Matt) and "Little." And they (we) are standing in Little's elementary school.

On Friday, the DW boys were in town for a private gig. They did the radio thing on Friday morning over at 101.5 the Eagle. I managed to get myself out of bed, go buy a Diet Coke, and get back into bed in time to listen to them live on-air. Eventually I did get mostly out of bed to start working. It was shortly after that that they called me and said they wanted to hang out. Um... Sure... Let me just get dressed... So I went out for a late breakfast with the boys and had a good time talking shop and catching up with them. I rarely get them all to myself like that, so it was a fun treat.
Several weeks ago I had introduced Due West's music to Little. She lov…


For the past few weeks I have been putting a lot of thought into some of my longer term life goals. My goals are varied from buying a home, to climbing Kilimanjaro, publishing another book, dancing at an Inaugural ball, participating in movie production, and becoming a foster parent.
I've noticed that my life goals tend to resemble some people's "Bucket Lists." I guess I tend to think in really huge goals sometimes.
Many of these goals have time stamps on them. I plan to do them by a certain age. And everything I listed above I have been telling myself in my head I would do by the time I am 35. And my 34th birthday is rapidly approaching. But 2 of my goals are going to be within my reach this year- buying a home, and becoming a foster parent. (If I'm honest with myself I could also climb Kilimanjaro and write a book and dance at an Inaugural Ball. But that requires more discipline than I really have, and I had meant to dance at a ball for a president I like, or at …

Family, Friendships, and Loyalty

Tonight my mind is mulling over relationships. Why are we loyal? And what do we do to earn another's loyalty? And what brings us to love a stranger? And why should we do kind acts for people we hardly know? And what compels someone to choose to say something horrible about a person they barely know? Or even say something awful about someone they know well?

My parents came for a short visit this week while on a cross-country road trip. While they were here we got together with my mother's extended family. Many of the family members there had never met before, or hadn't seen each other in 15-20 years. And yet, in spite of barely knowing each other, we had a wonderful time. All because we were family. We welcomed each other in immediately, and all left with a larger and loving family. We even sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake for a cousin most of us had never met before.
Why? Is a common gene pool and shared blood enough reason to just open your heart and accept others? Ev…

Happy Dance Time

Okay, my apologies to those of you who would rather puke than hear or see this dance. But given I was just at the concert over the weekend, where I did the "New Kids Dance," I thought this was the most appropriate "happy dance" I could post right now.

Also, this quick little video from Scrubs seemed entirely too appropriate for my internal thought process right now.

You know, I really do hope things progress to the point soon where I can actually share what all this happy dance stuff is about!

Got 2 Seconds? Then Vote!

I submitted Due West in the Music Showcase. Now their video needs votes! So click HERE and VOTE!

Top Signs It Is Going to be a Very Rough Day

First, you wake up to find your visiting parents' car has been broken into, with several items stolen. (This does nothing to convince your parents you live in a perfectly safe and nice neighborhood, I might add.)

Second, you specifically argue with someone in another country at work that they had better not, under any circumstances, log in to your secured account, because if they do, the system will detect it, flag it, and most likely shut your account down. The co-worker does it anyway. And all the work you have done for the last 4 weeks will be lost. ALL OF IT.

Third, while the hearing in your right ear has mostly returned after the concert on Saturday night, and your voice is trying hard to recover, you cannot deny the unbearable sore throat.

Fourth, because of the shut down account problem, it is probably best to not log in to Facebook for the rest of the day, in case your IP is flagged. A whole day without Facebook? Torture.

There was a funny conversation though this morning-

My inner 15 yr old hasn't been this happy in about 18 years

My inner 13-15 year old self got to come out and play today in a way I never thought she would get to again. Between shopping, boys, choir practice, cheering my guts out at a soccer game, a New Kids on the Block concert, and a wretched zit on my cheek, I'm Teenage Me all over again.
First, the soccer game. So sad. The first lost for my beloved Real Salt Lake (RSL) all season. They will have to kick some serious trash next week in NY in order to win the division championships and go to the national finals game. Little and I had a great time, but it was very sad to lose!
The second the game was over, I joined up with Misty Hudson (who is an old Shenandoah Ward friend from way back when back home), and drove as fast as humanly possible to the other side of the valley for the New Kids concert!!
Here we are 2 seconds after running into the stadium. We're both wearing RSL colors and clothes! We got to the concert late, but we didn't care. We knew we would be late, but all that matt…

The One Where My Cousin Meets a Cute Boy, Or Not

Yesterday one of my "BYU cousins" called me to chat and told me the craziest story. To protect the innocent, we'll call this cousin, "Atlanta." (In other words, all my other cousins now know who I am talking about, and you don't.)
The background- Atlanta is a very attractive and cute senior at BYU. Whether or not she sees it, men fall all over themselves to get her attention. So the story I am about to tell you could go 2 ways- either the man involved was completely sincere, or he was trying REALLY hard to get the cute girl to talk to him.
Disclaimer- she was laughing really hard, and I'm sketchy on details. I may be remembering certain unimportant parts wrong.
So Atlanta was on campus yesterday and a Marine approached her. I believe (insert the disclaimer part here) the hot young Marine was even in uniform. He explained that he's not a BYU student, but he's taking a class in psychology and was surveying people. He then proceeded to ask her a ji…

Happy Birthday, Steph!

In honor of Steph's birthday I went out to lunch with Jules and enjoyed a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. It was discussed how rhubarb is a lot like red celery, but tastes considerably better when melted down and put in a pie. I thought it was a conversation appropriate for Steph's birthday. I'm pretty sure we've had stranger conversations. One conversation that sticks out in my mind involves discussing how the bloom had gone off the chocolate. But that's for another day.
The expression on my face is a mixture of "oh crap, take the picture faster" as the pie suddenly slid rapidly down the plate, and "I'm so happy it's the second anniversary of Steph's 29th birthday!"

The open letter has been removed

Why did I remove the open letter to a certain person?
Because it worked.

Virtual Stephanie Birthday Celebration

(Click on the picture to enlarge and read the text, or just read it below)

Wondering what is behind the towel? It's Steph's 31st Birthday Suit! Something we all can't wait to see and celebrate! But with Steph off hibernating in Montana, and her friends spread all around the world, we can't all be there to celebrate with her. So instead we are inviting you to join us for a Virtual Stephanie Birthday Celebration on Thursday, November 12. So go out and enjoy your favorite meal in celebration of Steph. Take a picture of yourself celebrating Steph and send it to her, blog it, or Facebook it. Birthday suits are optional. Have a Happy Stephanie Day!

How did I not see that coming??

Somehow I didn't see it coming that I'm about to be really busy for the next 10 days. I don't think being aware of it would have made it in easier either.

To do list (so that it's in a place I can't argue with it or lose it)

1. Finish decorating apartment (even though I've lived here 9 months) before parents arrive on Sunday.
2. Clean the parts that don't have to be decorated before parents arrive on Sunday.
3. Make dinner reservations for large family gathering on Monday.
4. Get the freaking "kitten" neutered.
5. Start and finish Christmas shopping for sister's family.
6. Plan trip to sister's house for Thanksgiving.
7. Figure out where I call home for Christmas and buy tickets there.
8. Three choir practices.
9. Real Salt Lake Playoffs game Saturday (with Little).
10. Work my usual 40 hour/week job.
11. At least 3 loads of laundry.
12. Get new battery in car.
13. Possibly fix windshield in car as well.
14. Pay all of my bills.
15. Get ne…

Let's Mock Boys (because I feel like it)

As far as I conscientiously know, my desire to mock the stupidity of men today has nothing to do with yesterday's little experience. Then again, maybe this is more like a public service announcement, and less total mockery. Funny how the 2 things go together sometimes.

Today I found the following profile online.

Some of my favorite things to do...Watching movies
Walking in the park
Roller skating
Going on road trips
Visiting museums
Hanging out with my little brother

My least favorite things to do...Going to any froofy social event
Trying to think of something witty to put in my profile :)
At what point was I supposed to be impressed with this guy? And who wants to bet that "visiting museums" used to say, "play video games" until someone told him that there was nothing in there that could possibly attract or interest a woman. Because men in their 30's who skateboard and roller skate... okay, I have nothing to follow that up with. Because men …

My Love Life, or Lack Thereof

Warning: I'm about to expose myself on this blog way more than I normally want to. But hey, maybe a little exposure is what I need. And I've come to the strange realization that I have a semi-cult following that reads my blog just for the incriminating and embarrassing stories, as well as the failed adventures in romance I have from time to time. Well, I hope today doesn't disappoint.
*edited version*
I've mentioned the Cute Blushing Boy a few times lately, and now I will share the story of the relationship (like most I have) that will never happen. At least as much of the story as I can risk telling. I'm still worried and have perfectly good reason to believe that one of these days he will do some research on me and possibly find my blog. If he doesn't research me, I'll actually be a little disappointed. Do I need to be embarrassed by the upcoming store? Probably. But he was there, so he knows I've already been through the torture once.
Here's the…

Did I mention I got a new job? Cause, yeah, I did.

I could be wrong, but I don't think I really officially announced that I got a job. I could always look a little harder through my past few weeks of postings, but I'm too lazy.
So yeah, I have a job. I'd rather not have my blog show up in our daily google alerts and other internet searches, so if you really want to know what I'm doing and where, you can click here for my Linked In profile.
I am happy to have a job, and very grateful to be earning a paycheck again!!!!
Just because I have a paycheck doesn't mean I'm rich overnight, but it is nice to be getting my finances back in order. Especially with Christmas right around the corner!
So this new job has me working from home, but on East Coast hours. Which means I have to "be at work" at 7 am - 3 or 4 pm. Do you know how nearly impossible it is to wake up and be functioning in your own apartment at 7 am? NOT EASY. The hardest part for me is the lack of social interaction. No co-workers to talk to or e…

Saturday is a special day, until we get ready for Sunday

If  the above title line makes no sense to you, you either aren't LDS, don't read my other website, or both. If you are LDS, and like to laugh, you really should go over and check out our site. We've got some funny stuff, and a new layout over there.
Normally I do my blog postings at the end of a day, in a recap format. But today it is almost 11 am, I'm still in bed, (however, I did treat myself to a breakfast smoothie in bed), and well, chances of this day becoming productive are decreasing rapidly. So I am writing a blog post of all the stuff I could and should get up and do today in hopes that you'll send me little comments through out the day and get me motivated.
Things I could and should do-
clean this *effing* apartment (i normally mock the use of effing as a word, even when i use it, but today i am using it a lot in my head)- being the home of a work-from-home slob, and the world's busiest kitten, means this place is a disaster rig…

Hmm, it's a drive-by dance posting. I think you know what that means.

Hate on 8, or how I unfortunately spent my day

Today was a very rough and emotional day. It all started with Twitter. (For those of you not yet on Twitter, really, you should be. It's so much more interesting and fun than blogging.) At some point in the morning I got a 'tweet' about the No on Prop 8/anti-Mormon rally today in L.A. At first the way this tweet was written was specifically anti-Mormon. It wasn't about civil liberties, or the CA state constitution, or even about love and marriage. It was flat out a threat against Mormons.
Not once have I made a public comment, whether on my blog or on Twitter, about Prop 8. In fact, I have very conflicting feelings about it, and have steered far away from any conversations on the subject. The bottom line is that I don't live in California, and therefore, don't feel that I should exert any influence over another state's vote. I know many people disagree in different ways over that position. I don't really care.
So you can only imagine how shocked I was w…

The View From My Balcony Today (Utah - The Greatest Snow on Earth)

The view from my window at 7 am. About 1 inch of Utah's greatest import. And now at 2 pm, about 6 inches of Utah's greatest import. But that's just here in Murray. Juli and Heidi (who respectively live 30 minutes from me in opposite directions) have no snow.  Go figure.

Moving on

I'm not here to discuss politics. What's done is done. So moving on...

On my Bucket List there are a great variety of activities I'd like to accomplish. One of them is "Sing the Hallelujah Chorus in the Salt Lake Tabernacle." To the non-musical folks out there, this life goal may not mean much. But to those of us who grew up singing in choirs, learning our "solfeg," practicing scales, and perfecting Hayden, Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, and the like, getting to sing one of the most beautiful songs in history in one of the most historic concert halls in the world, this goal is up there.

Oh, and did I mention I get to check this one off my Bucket List on Nov 29? And you can be there, and it won't cost you a thing?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am singing with the Sterling Singers and the Salt Lake Symphonic Chorus, with the Utah National Guard Army Band, in the Salt Lake Tabernacle in the Christmas kick-off concert for Temple Square. The concert is free a…

Oh yes, let's!

As it is Monday, I had Little hanging out with me for the afternoon and evening. We always have a great time together, and today was no exception. So before I get to the point of my post, I just want to throw this out there- volunteering for Big Brothers, Big Sisters has been one of the best experiences of my life. If you have just a few hours a month to give to a child, you really should consider it. Especially the men! There is a huge shortage of Big Brothers! Today I was talking to Little's real brother, who has been on the waiting list for a Big for a very long time now. He said, "It's okay, I'm used to disappointment." Men, you know you want an excuse to hang out with a teenage boy on the couch and play video games for 3 hours a month.
So back to me.
Today I had to run a few quick errands with Little before we could get home and have fun. One of those errands involved us having to see the cute boy that blushes. (I really need to come up with a good blog moni…

Nephews at Halloween

Tell: I'm such a good little soldier. Just like my Uncle Scotty. I can be a big brother and stand at attention all day. Dallin: CCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Porter: If I refuse to cooperate with this inane picture taking we can get on to the candy. Hurry it up, Mom!

Dieting, weight loss, and exercise

For the last month I have been on an exercise only kick. I haven't really attempted to diet at all. But I have craved less greasy foods and a few more salads than usual, so that is a good thing. (except for my never ending craving for Carl's Jr. Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger, which I ALWAYS crave). I've been measuring myself rather than weighing myself. I did weigh myself twice at the gym over the last month, and found a whopping 3 lb weight loss. I'll probably put it right back on with my next Guac Burger.
But tonight I am happy. Why? Because the tape measure doesn't lie! I've been measuring almost weekly (sometimes i miss a week and have to wait for sunday again) my bust, under bust, arm, waist, hips,butt, and thighs. And while my hips, bust, and waist only went down half an inch each, my arms went down 2 inches (each), and my butt is down 2 inches in circumference. And my thighs?? 3 inches each baby! And inexplicably, my under bust area shrunk 2 inches s…


I made an interesting discovery tonight. The column Jules and I used to write for Meridian Magazine is suddenly back online. It was gone for quite sometime, but tonight while googling myself (yes, I admit I did it), I found we're back again. I got to reading through some of our old columns and got a good laugh out of us. But then I came across this one- OMEFO and I realized how incredibly pathetic I really am. Because, oh yes, I had a very bad outbreak of OMEFO just last week. (OMEFO stands for "open mouth, everything falls out")  I had been talking to a very cute and helpful boy, and suddenly started not only inventing new words, but I also twisted and inverted words in a whole new way. I don't know if he could tell or not. I was talking really fast and it is entirely possible that he didn't comprehend a word I said. I think it is okay though, because the next time I saw him, I winked at him from a fairly good (at least 15 ft) distance, and he blushed. So he mus…

Keeping it REAL!!!

Another Saturday, another win for Real SL. I have been to a lot of major league sporting events in my life- hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and now soccer. And I have never before been to such a nail-biter of a game. The RSL scored at 89 minutes 33 seconds (if I caught the clock fast enough) into the game today. For those who don't know, soccer matches are 90 minutes. So yeah, they got the only score of the match with not even 30 seconds left on the clock. It was insane craziness in the stands. I LOVED IT. I had "Little" with me as well. I took her back to her mother tonight with a hoarse voice from all the screaming. I am currently trying to think up ways to go to their next match in Los Angeles on the fan bus. (I can't take Little, since I am not allowed to take her out of state. And my "shyness" (also known as large group anxiety) just won't let me go alone.) Who knew I could love a sport and a team this much?! Oh, and I'm also trying to …