Monday, November 10, 2008

Did I mention I got a new job? Cause, yeah, I did.

I could be wrong, but I don't think I really officially announced that I got a job. I could always look a little harder through my past few weeks of postings, but I'm too lazy.
So yeah, I have a job. I'd rather not have my blog show up in our daily google alerts and other internet searches, so if you really want to know what I'm doing and where, you can click here for my Linked In profile.
I am happy to have a job, and very grateful to be earning a paycheck again!!!!
Just because I have a paycheck doesn't mean I'm rich overnight, but it is nice to be getting my finances back in order. Especially with Christmas right around the corner!
So this new job has me working from home, but on East Coast hours. Which means I have to "be at work" at 7 am - 3 or 4 pm. Do you know how nearly impossible it is to wake up and be functioning in your own apartment at 7 am? NOT EASY. The hardest part for me is the lack of social interaction. No co-workers to talk to or eat lunch with, no one to brainstorm with, etc. It's just me and the kitten, and occasionally Regis and Kelly in the mornings. I make quick trips to the corner store to get a Diet Coke, and a few times a week I run to the mall food court for lunch. I'll do just about anything for social interaction and/or distractions. This includes nearly daily trips to the bank, post office, and library, where I've actually learned the employees' names!
This should answer some of the "why the happy dance" questions. Some of them have been for when I was offered the job, received a paycheck, etc. I don't know when I'll be revealing the sources of the other happy dances. But now you know- I have a job! I'm making money! Yeah!
And I have to be up and "at work" in less than 7 hours. Ugh!


  1. Congratulations! I know you'll do great at this!

  2. YEAH for a job!! I love your picture on the right of you blog! Is it new?? Beautiful!!

  3. Congratulations. Good luck on the waking up early part.

  4. Yay!

    Very happy for you. Hope it's the right fit for you.


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