Monday, November 03, 2008

Dieting, weight loss, and exercise

For the last month I have been on an exercise only kick. I haven't really attempted to diet at all. But I have craved less greasy foods and a few more salads than usual, so that is a good thing. (except for my never ending craving for Carl's Jr. Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger, which I ALWAYS crave). I've been measuring myself rather than weighing myself. I did weigh myself twice at the gym over the last month, and found a whopping 3 lb weight loss. I'll probably put it right back on with my next Guac Burger.
But tonight I am happy. Why? Because the tape measure doesn't lie! I've been measuring almost weekly (sometimes i miss a week and have to wait for sunday again) my bust, under bust, arm, waist, hips,butt, and thighs. And while my hips, bust, and waist only went down half an inch each, my arms went down 2 inches (each), and my butt is down 2 inches in circumference. And my thighs?? 3 inches each baby! And inexplicably, my under bust area shrunk 2 inches several weeks ago, and has since then gone back up an inch.
I am thrilled about my arms and thighs. I can personally see the difference in my arms already. I'd be happier about the thighs and butt if there wasn't so much more left to go!
Now for the downside to all of this.
My last three trips to the gym have had some problems. My routine is do the weight machines (20-50 reps on about 10 different machines) for about 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes on the cross trainer, and 10-15 minutes on the bike. I'd give up the bike and stay on the cross trainer, but that's where my problem comes in. As most fancy running machines have nowadays, this one tracks your heart rate while in use. I've always had a slightly higher heart rate than most (something well documented after taking an EMT class where we were constantly taking each other's blood pressures and pulses), so I expect my heart rate while at full cardio pace to be around 140, even though when I'm at my optimal health it is lowered to about 120 while running. But my last 3 trips I have had trouble getting my pulse down to 160! Within five minutes on the crosstrainer or even on the bikes my heart rate spikes really high (180-190) and I can't get it down. I try going easier, drinking more water, breathing deeper, etc. But nothing works. And if I try and keep going, I feel really light headed and sick, and that feeling won't go away for hours.
So I did the obvious thing, and changed up my work out by doing cardio first. Same dumb problem! No matter when I do my cardio, first or last, and no matter how easy I am taking it, my heart rate is out of control! It is so aggravating! I should be getting healthier by working out 4-6 times a week and eating better. But I'm not!
If I had health insurance right now I would go to a doctor for advice. But I don't. So instead, blog world, I am turning to you for input. Anyone else have similar problems?  I don't think this is anything big. I've had similar problems in the past, and diet seemed to control them. But this time diet doesn't seem to do the trick.
But YEAH! Let's hear it for not having swinging old lady arms anymore! And if I keep this up, I may be the size I want to be next summer. (ha!)


  1. Way to go! I wish I could get motivated like you. Keep up the good work.

  2. How are your pulse and blood pressure when you're resting? Is it just out of control when you exercise or is it all the time?


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