Monday, November 24, 2008

Due West Meets Little

If you have been paying much attention to this blog for the past 6 months you will probably recognize that the 4 people in the picture below are 4 of my absolute most favorite people on the planet. The picture is of Due West (l-r, Brad, Tim, Matt) and "Little." And they (we) are standing in Little's elementary school.

On Friday, the DW boys were in town for a private gig. They did the radio thing on Friday morning over at 101.5 the Eagle. I managed to get myself out of bed, go buy a Diet Coke, and get back into bed in time to listen to them live on-air. Eventually I did get mostly out of bed to start working. It was shortly after that that they called me and said they wanted to hang out. Um... Sure... Let me just get dressed... So I went out for a late breakfast with the boys and had a good time talking shop and catching up with them. I rarely get them all to myself like that, so it was a fun treat.
Several weeks ago I had introduced Due West's music to Little. She loves it. She has a favorite song by them, and she plays it in my car all the time. I had promised her a while back that I would try to find a way to introduce her to the boys and get her a "jam session" with them. Did I mention Little is an aspiring songwriter? She even sang one of her own songs for my mom last week when they met.
I had been hoping she'd get the chance to meet them this week, but the scheduling just wasn't working out unfortunately. But while we were hanging out at breakfast, Tim asked me when Little goes to lunch at school. I didn't know. So I contacted her mom and we got some info. And next thing you know, we're driving over to the school for the boys to serenade her at lunch.
I walked into the school, and just happen to catch her walking into the cafeteria. She didn't even act like it was unusual for me to be showing up at her school like that. She gave me a hug, and I pointed out the "boys with guitars" walking into the school. She lit up!! I told her to go find some friends and we'd join her in the cafeteria in a minute.

The DW boys were great. They walked in, introduced themselves to her, and played her favorite song, "22 Hours a Day." And they even changed the words from "red bull" to "xango" for her. (Little and I sing "xango" because Xango supports Real Salt Lake, and RSL's archenemy is the NY Red Bulls.) Little sang along and seemed to really enjoy herself. If it had been me at her age, I would have turned red, hid behind a friend,and died of embarrassment (while eating up the attention) to have 3 boys singing to me like that. But not Little. She acted like this sort of thing happens to her all the time, and just lived it up.
The rest of the kids in the cafeteria clapped along, and even chanted "encore" when they were done. Several of the kids lined up for high fives and fist bumps as the band walked out. The principal stopped to get pictures with the band. (and apparently called a local newspaper afterwards to tell them what had happened)
I'm sure half the kids in the room thought Billy Ray Cyrus had just serenaded Little. (Because Tim is a dead ringer for Billy Ray.) I've heard feedback that Little was quite popular in school that day!

Again a big thank you to my Due West boys for being so good to me and Little. I'm sure she'll never forget it. And can you imagine in the future when DW is headlining the CMA's and AMA's the story she'll get to tell her friends about the day when Due West came to her school just to sing to her?? Thanks again, boys!


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