Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How did I not see that coming??

Somehow I didn't see it coming that I'm about to be really busy for the next 10 days. I don't think being aware of it would have made it in easier either.

To do list (so that it's in a place I can't argue with it or lose it)

1. Finish decorating apartment (even though I've lived here 9 months) before parents arrive on Sunday.
2. Clean the parts that don't have to be decorated before parents arrive on Sunday.
3. Make dinner reservations for large family gathering on Monday.
4. Get the freaking "kitten" neutered.
5. Start and finish Christmas shopping for sister's family.
6. Plan trip to sister's house for Thanksgiving.
7. Figure out where I call home for Christmas and buy tickets there.
8. Three choir practices.
9. Real Salt Lake Playoffs game Saturday (with Little).
10. Work my usual 40 hour/week job.
11. At least 3 loads of laundry.
12. Get new battery in car.
13. Possibly fix windshield in car as well.
14. Pay all of my bills.
15. Get new car insurance.
16. Launch new campaign for favorite country band.
17. Create new sales campaign for favorite adult contemporary artist.
18. Continue attempting to send a court summons to the evil previous employer who so far has dodged 5 summons.
19. Visit with my parents for 3 days.
20. Go to post office to mail bills. Try to schedule this for the day after I pay all of the bills.
21. Await a big check, when it arrives, make time to to go the bank.
22. Make sure direct deposit goes through this time and doesn't throw off half of the things above if it doesn't!
23. Clean out car before Saturday.
24. Get the wireless card on my laptop fixed. Preferably on an evening where I won't need it after work.

I think that is everything major I have to accomplish.
Oh, and go to the gym every day!
And buy groceries.
And make up a decent menu.

Okay, now I think that is everything.


  1. Wow! That's a lot to do, but I know you can handle it. Have fun with the parents!

  2. You know that most Humane Societies do low-cost neuterings, right? Tildrum's only cost me something like $35, compared to the $250 I paid for the private vet to do Mogget's.


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