Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keeping it REAL!!!

Another Saturday, another win for Real SL. I have been to a lot of major league sporting events in my life- hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and now soccer. And I have never before been to such a nail-biter of a game. The RSL scored at 89 minutes 33 seconds (if I caught the clock fast enough) into the game today. For those who don't know, soccer matches are 90 minutes. So yeah, they got the only score of the match with not even 30 seconds left on the clock. It was insane craziness in the stands. I LOVED IT. I had "Little" with me as well. I took her back to her mother tonight with a hoarse voice from all the screaming. I am currently trying to think up ways to go to their next match in Los Angeles on the fan bus. (I can't take Little, since I am not allowed to take her out of state. And my "shyness" (also known as large group anxiety) just won't let me go alone.) Who knew I could love a sport and a team this much?! Oh, and I'm also trying to figure out how to budget buying me and Little season tickets for 2009. I talked to her about it today, and not surprisingly, she is all for it. But before I go running off and spending that kind of cash, we have to make sure I'm going to live in Utah for most of 2009.
Oops, did I just let half a cat out of the bag? My bad.

Check out my soccer fan girl blog- Footballer Fan Girl!

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  1. There is going to be a watch-party at Lumpy's in Downtown Salt Lake. I'll be there with a bunch of my friends if you want to come.


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