Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's Mock Boys (because I feel like it)

As far as I conscientiously know, my desire to mock the stupidity of men today has nothing to do with yesterday's little experience. Then again, maybe this is more like a public service announcement, and less total mockery. Funny how the 2 things go together sometimes.

Today I found the following profile online.

Some of my favorite things to do...Watching movies
Walking in the park
Roller skating
Going on road trips
Visiting museums
Hanging out with my little brother

My least favorite things to do...Going to any froofy social event
Trying to think of something witty to put in my profile :)

At what point was I supposed to be impressed with this guy? And who wants to bet that "visiting museums" used to say, "play video games" until someone told him that there was nothing in there that could possibly attract or interest a woman. Because men in their 30's who skateboard and roller skate... okay, I have nothing to follow that up with. Because men in their 30's should not still be listing skateboarding and roller skating unless they want to attract 13 year old girls! 

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