Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh yes, let's!

As it is Monday, I had Little hanging out with me for the afternoon and evening. We always have a great time together, and today was no exception. So before I get to the point of my post, I just want to throw this out there- volunteering for Big Brothers, Big Sisters has been one of the best experiences of my life. If you have just a few hours a month to give to a child, you really should consider it. Especially the men! There is a huge shortage of Big Brothers! Today I was talking to Little's real brother, who has been on the waiting list for a Big for a very long time now. He said, "It's okay, I'm used to disappointment." Men, you know you want an excuse to hang out with a teenage boy on the couch and play video games for 3 hours a month.
So back to me.
Today I had to run a few quick errands with Little before we could get home and have fun. One of those errands involved us having to see the cute boy that blushes. (I really need to come up with a good blog moniker for him.) As usual, it was a mostly professional exchange, as we were at his place of employment, and I am a customer. As we talked (me and him, not me, Little, and him) his face was bright red the whole time. It was so cute. And he did something unprofessional, and very cute as well. And then he returned to his office. Little turns to me and says, "He's cute. You like him don't you?" I shot her a dirty look and she says, "It's okay, he likes you too." I continued to give her the "QUIET CHILD!" look. And she shoved a big piece of candy in her mouth and said, "I'll be quiet now!"
When we got outside she says, "If you don't like him, you should. He likes you. I can tell."
There is really no question as to why I adore that kid.
Now, how to get a very professional relationship to cross the line to something personal as well, while not jeopardizing the professional situation.


  1. oh soooo cute! How about Blushing Boy(or man) Blush Man, Red Faced Boy, Easily embarrased boy...etc

  2. The Blusher?

    Oh... the conundrum. More details? You don't work together do you? This could work out fine.

    My cousin and her husband both worked for the same banking company 12 years ago - she asked him to join her and other co-workers for drinks one day after work (use your Mormon equivilent) and the rest is history. Three daughters later....

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    How are your dishes doing you got for Xmas at Acck doing?

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    bitter here

    if you have a professional relationship it is tough and touchy to try to extend it. My initial thought is dont try. Most relationships are failures (you only marry one person, generally the rest fizzle) if you "go there" it will likely not work out and the professional working partnership may not work afterward. However if he is not important professionally i.e. replaceable and you feel it is an acceptable risk.....nothing ventured nothing gained.

  5. Hey Erin, it's Gretchen from twitter...
    Now that I've got the awkward delurking part over, I can tell you that this was a really cute story. I like CBB already!

  6. Hey Gretchen! Thanks for coming out of the shadows! I read your blog too. Love the header on there.

    I think I like "CBB" or "Cute Blushing Boy" as his blog name. Part of me fears he will try to cyber-stalk me (since he knows I sort of do that for a living, and he may try to do it back on me), and he'll know I am talking about him.

    I'll most likely have to see him tomorrow or the next day. Friday at the latest. Which will probably mean another twitterpated update on the situation.

    Oh, and as for the professional relationship-
    It takes place at his place of employment and business. I am the customer. And he has been helping me with something very important. It's not something I can jeopardize easily. If it went south, or I looked stupid and lost the guts to see him again, it could really really cost me.

    Vague enough?

    Hope so.


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