Sunday, November 02, 2008


I made an interesting discovery tonight. The column Jules and I used to write for Meridian Magazine is suddenly back online. It was gone for quite sometime, but tonight while googling myself (yes, I admit I did it), I found we're back again. I got to reading through some of our old columns and got a good laugh out of us. But then I came across this one- OMEFO and I realized how incredibly pathetic I really am. Because, oh yes, I had a very bad outbreak of OMEFO just last week. (OMEFO stands for "open mouth, everything falls out")  I had been talking to a very cute and helpful boy, and suddenly started not only inventing new words, but I also twisted and inverted words in a whole new way. I don't know if he could tell or not. I was talking really fast and it is entirely possible that he didn't comprehend a word I said. I think it is okay though, because the next time I saw him, I winked at him from a fairly good (at least 15 ft) distance, and he blushed. So he must not think I am a complete idiot. Oh, and then I saw him again, and he gave me candy. And how can you not like a boy that gives you candy??
But here's the thing. I have to see him again this week at least once. And probably just the once (as compared to the last 3 weeks where I have run into him nearly daily). It's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to say something stupid. I can feel it coming. Is there anyway to train myself in advance to not say something stupid when I can't control the situation if and when I see him?
Did I mention he's cute?


  1. Hey, if he's cute and still likes you even when you do stupid things, that's a great sign. :)

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    bitter here

    If this guy blushes when you wink I doubt very much that he notices any gaffs with your speech. So, no he does not think that you are an idiot complete or not. deep breath, slow down make him notice you by returning some tangible object (give him something, not a breath mint and not a pan of cookies, just something small and edible)


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