Friday, November 14, 2008

The One Where My Cousin Meets a Cute Boy, Or Not

Yesterday one of my "BYU cousins" called me to chat and told me the craziest story. To protect the innocent, we'll call this cousin, "Atlanta." (In other words, all my other cousins now know who I am talking about, and you don't.)
The background- Atlanta is a very attractive and cute senior at BYU. Whether or not she sees it, men fall all over themselves to get her attention. So the story I am about to tell you could go 2 ways- either the man involved was completely sincere, or he was trying REALLY hard to get the cute girl to talk to him.
Disclaimer- she was laughing really hard, and I'm sketchy on details. I may be remembering certain unimportant parts wrong.
So Atlanta was on campus yesterday and a Marine approached her. I believe (insert the disclaimer part here) the hot young Marine was even in uniform. He explained that he's not a BYU student, but he's taking a class in psychology and was surveying people. He then proceeded to ask her a jillion random questions. Things like, "what's your favorite color? choose between options a and b." etc. Nothing incredibly interesting or informative about a personality if you ask me or her. And no matter what she answered, he was enthralled by her reply, and said strangely flattering things like, "That's so interesting!"
At one point he asked her to close her eyes and envision something while she answered. She said she cooperated but was worried about her wallet getting stolen while she did. She takes after me in the "never trust a man who's trying this hard" personality category.
So after spending quite a bit of time flattering her and questioning her, he asks for her phone number, in case he needs to ask follow up questions. And in what legitimately sounded like a total blow off, she explained she had lost her phone and didn't know if she was going to be able to find it. (She really had lost her phone, but found it last night, which is how she was able to call me.) So she gave him an email address instead. He even teased her that she was blowing him off. She teased him right back. She's an excellent flirt, I might add.
Throughout the 'interview' he claimed that her answers were just SO interesting because they were different from all the other girls. And Atlanta is just SO interesting...
So we started to wonder if this guy was for real. Because, come on. It's the BYU campus! Crazier stunts have been known to happen to get a girl's attention!  But then, much to our surprise, he did email her today with more completely oddball questions. So we had some fun with it, and she's writing him back tonight. I wish I could remember exactly what tonight's questions were because they were totally strange. Strange because they were so simple, not because they were deep and perplexing.
So with her permission, I turn this over to the blogosphere. Is the cute Marine in uniform she met on campus, but isn't a student there, but yet claims to be taking a psych class, who interviewed her very randomly really sincere and just surveying her? Or is this yet another very elaborate ruse to get a cute girl's attention? And what would you ask or say to him (via email) to smoke him out?

And for those tracking these things, I did not see the Cute Blushing Boy today, in spite of the fact that I did attempt to stalk him momentarily. But when I quickly realized that I could not do so without possibly creating a scene like Monday's, I chose not to.


  1. Hmm, I could totally see it both ways--either he really was doing it for a class, or he was just being really creative about a way to approach her. "Atlanta" is definitely a cute girl though, so I'm really excited about the idea that he just wanted to talk to her. Nice code name, btw. :) How to tell if he just wanted to talk to her...I'll have to think about that.

  2. Ok, after more thought, whether there was a legitimate assignment involved or not, he was totally hitting on her. She needs to ask him where he goes to school and when/where he has psychology class. But mostly she needs to say yes when he asks her out!


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