Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday is a special day, until we get ready for Sunday

If  the above title line makes no sense to you, you either aren't LDS, don't read my other website, or both. If you are LDS, and like to laugh, you really should go over and check out our site. We've got some funny stuff, and a new layout over there.
Normally I do my blog postings at the end of a day, in a recap format. But today it is almost 11 am, I'm still in bed, (however, I did treat myself to a breakfast smoothie in bed), and well, chances of this day becoming productive are decreasing rapidly. So I am writing a blog post of all the stuff I could and should get up and do today in hopes that you'll send me little comments through out the day and get me motivated.
Things I could and should do-
  1. clean this *effing* apartment (i normally mock the use of effing as a word, even when i use it, but today i am using it a lot in my head)- being the home of a work-from-home slob, and the world's busiest kitten, means this place is a disaster right now. As usual the kitten has pulled all manner of random objects into the living room, and shredded anything he can find to shred. If it doesn't get cleaned in here today, it won't get cleaned tomorrow when I sleep in till noon, go to church at 1, nap and eat after church, and then choir at 6:30. And then I work on Monday, and then pick up Little. And I like having it clean before she comes over, because we without question will trash my kitchen with our baking projects. And then it will take, oh, 5-6 days for me to clean it up again. I really need to clean today.
  2. Laundry- Like all American households, there's always more laundry I could be doing
  3. Buy paint- Little wants to know why I have a half painted hideous broken bookcase in the living room. The truth? Because I got halfway into my creative renovation phase and got tired of it. She really wants me to let her paint and finish it for me this week. And who am I to deny an 11 yr old of such fun?
  4. Get a new battery in my car- because apparently you do that sort of thing in these cars every 5 years. 
  5. Go to the gym- it's the last 3 days on my free month long membership. Not knowing what I may be doing in the next 60 days (ooh, look, the cat tried to jump out of the bag again), is keeping me from making the gym manager a happy man and caving and paying for a membership. So I really ought to use it while I still have it.
  6. Go to Ogden to see Mike perform at Wiseguys comedy club. OR go to Lumpy's in SLC and watch the REAL Salt Lake game. This is a nearly impossible decision. 
Now for the reasons I may not do any of the above-
  1. Cleaning requires all that effort and discipline stuff, and not getting distracted. All things I find impossible on a Saturday.
  2. Laundry can always be put off one more day.
  3. Buying paint requires going to Home Depot. Going to Home Depot means taking a shower and getting dressed first (b/c I am not like all those gross men who think that Saturdays and Home Depot are the exception to good hygiene.) But if I take a shower and get dressed that will keep me from going to the gym, because I am too lazy to desire to shower twice. So I have to go to the gym first, then Home Depot. 
  4. Spending money- here's the thing. I like shopping. I really do. But I have this mental block about spending money on objects more than $60. I can't explain it. But in my head if it costs that much I have to budget it and make sure it is the right thing to do. And as someone who was just very poor for the last several months, I'm still in money hoarding stage, and unsure I want to spend "large" sums. 
  5. Going to the gym requires a level of self discipline I find very difficult to muster on Saturdays. 
  6. Normally going to see Mike on stage wins hands-down. He's a funny guy. But its in flipping Ogden. That's a long drive. And Real SL is in the playoffs. And major league soccer is shown on practically no tv channels around here (none that I get anyway). And Lumpys is a LOT closer than Ogden. And I really really want to see the game. This is an impossible choice.
  7. I'm lazy, or was that not made clear before.
  8. The world's clingiest neurotic cat (who, did I mention will now poop in the toilet?) is clingier than usual today. In fact, I'm attempting to type this with him laying across my arms. He spent the whole night forehead to forehead with me. I went to sleep on my side, as usual, with him determined to push his little head up against me. When I woke up, I had rolled over facing the other way, and he had climbed over me to be head to head with me on the other side. Every time I have attempted to put him down this morning he's cried and whined, and bit me. I may have to put him in the baby carrier and take him everywhere today. 
Is that enough excuses?
Tell me to get up and get out of this house and not spend my whole day on Facebook and Twitter! Help me get motivated!!!


  1. I'm having the same problem. It's just, the internet is so interesting!
    Anyhow, I LOVE overheard in the ward! I had no idea that was you--kudos!

  2. You know.... I was always convinced that I had a twin.

    Oh ErinAnnie, I've finally found you!!!

    Ditto on the cleaning the house, doing laundry and all that other ech. I have all same reasons as you. And it's amazing how unmotivated one can be about house cleaning when one spends so much time in it! Unemployment will do that to you.

    My first few months of Unemployment ... my closets were immaculate! These days... I'm thinking about using plastic forks just so I don't have do to dishes!


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