Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a Crazy Few Days It Has Been

I'd love to give a more detailed report, but I'm on the new computer I purchased during the wee hours of Black Friday. Oh yes, I went all out and camped outside a Best Buy in order to save $400 off a printer and computer. Was it worth it? Probably so. Ask me again after I have my own internet connection to work with, and I'm not hijacking someone else's. Right now the hijacked access I have works slower than my memory recalls dial-up working. But I love my sleek fancy new laptop otherwise.
I have no idea if this blog post will work, or if the site will most likely time out before I get it loaded.
In other Thanksgiving news, I had a great day on Thursday with my cousin "Atlanta." It was just the two of us, and we kept it fairly low key. I'll post a picture of our meal when I have a better internet connection.
After "dinner" I headed off to join Shabang for Black Friday. I got home at 7 am, where I then had to work for 8 hours. After that, I took a very very short nap, and headed to Julipalooza's for Pie Fest. (Pie Fest is where everyone brings pie and leftovers to share.) And then there was more shopping.
I finally got home and into bed where I slept a solid 12 hours. It felt dang good.
Then I woke up and headed off to the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square!!!
Remember my big Bucket List moment I've been waiting for?? This was it! I wish I had pictures to share, but alas, no.
It was wonderful and exactly what I hoped for. After approximately 25 years of singing, choirs, musicals, voice lessons, and more, this was the musical moment I have always dreamed of. That big moment in an historic grand music hall, with an incredible choir (365 choir members), incredible band, harp, world famous organ, all producing that perfect musical note that sends vibrations through every listener, chills up your arms and spine, and the audience gives a roaring applause. After 6 months of rehearsal, and 25 or more years of singing, it was all worth it.
And now it is Sunday, and my body is full blown protest. Eating sporadically and splurging, bad sleeping habits, not to mention sleeping in a tent in a parking lot, 7 hours of singing, etc, and my body is sore everywhere. My throat hurts, my neck hurts, my back hurts, and I can't lift my left arm. I predict several naps and a lot of hooky from church today.

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  1. Oh, you gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes!!!

    So happy that you got to sing in the Tabernacle choir! Wish I could have been there.

    Say... will it be televised? I seem to recall seeing that on Christmas eve as a kid. Do tell.


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