Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The open letter has been removed

Why did I remove the open letter to a certain person?
Because it worked.


  1. Wow, what a horrible person! I might be able to help, I have a couple of contacts at Studeo. Let me know.

  2. Sisty Ugler9:22 PM

    Hmm, this will be interesting to see if this works. I wonder if she believes that when she dumped not only all the employees but her efforts at a new company as well, that everyone had been paid accurately? She seems to have never gotten anyones paycheck right. Maybe it is all jumbled in her jumbled up mind?

  3. It's a shame the lien didn't go through.

    If you would have paid the lien, you could hold her lien hostage for whatever $$ amount you wanted, and they'd never be able to sell their home until the lien is returned to their name.

    Its a jackpot, really.

  4. You are awesome!

    I love a person who sticks up for themselves! I hope you keep us all updated.

  5. Erin Annie - thanks for following me to Rocks in My Dryer today!

    You do not flatter yourself -I consider you a friend too! Isn't the blogosphere funny?

    I'm betting we'll meet one day - Considering our mutual friend Keli I'd say the odds are good!

  6. Don't freaking delete it! Tricia McGarry-Church needs to be recognized for what she is, a dishonest, unethical professional (not like several people don't already know that already though right?!?!)

  7. In fact, you ought to link a bunch to her LinkedIn


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