Sunday, December 07, 2008

2 Fast Things

1. Why is it I only get migraines on Sundays? And not just any migraine, but tunnel vision migraines that are so sensitive to light and sound that going to church is completely unacceptable? And they come worse on Fast Sundays, making fasting impossible as well?? No matter what I do to ward them off, or better prepare my body for the change in activities and routine, this happens every Fast Sunday. So right now when I should be getting ready for church, instead I am laying my bed with my laptop, looking at the screen with sunglasses on, cause my head is spinning and I know nausea is the next level of this headache.

2. if anyone is on a Windows Vista computer and knows how to turn the broadband thing off, please help me. I don't have a wireless router here in my apartment, so I'm still hardwiring in. But every few minutes or so (especially on websites with large content, music, or videos) my broadband connection window pops up. And it is driving me batty! And I can't figure out how to permenantly turn it off! help!


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Try this to disable wireless.

  2. when you figure out how to overcome the Sunday headache thing...let me know. I've had 2-3 Sundays in a row of horrible headaches. I think part of it is anxiety, but who knows.

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    maybe it's caffeine withdrawl causing the headaches. my mom always says it's becaue i don't drink enough water. i get them too but i'm sure it's becuase of lack of sleep.

  4. I get migraines too, and no joke, MOST often they come Sunday mornings. Usually I'm dreaming that I'm having a migraine and then lo and behold...there you go.

    I've read so much stuff on migraines ad naseum (sp?) but one thing I think mine are attributed to is that I'm finally "resting" from my week Saturday night/Sunday morning. Kind of a weird mental "slowdown"...if that makes sense. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. I've always attributed the Sunday headache to the change in routine and schedule. We (and by "we" I mean me) aren't as routine oriented on Saturdays. We eat at different times, and sometimes we're even hard on our bodies. We work out, play sports, or stay out late, etc. Saturdays upset the routine of our bodies. And then on Sundays, as our bodies already need that natural day of rest, we again are not on a routine. And I've never met one Mormon person who eats on a normal schedule properly on Sundays.
    I've always figured that is why we always get headaches, etc on Sunday.
    Its when I do everything to prepare my body and do things right, and still get exhausted or a headache that I get whiny about it.

  6. My Vista Dell laptop has a switch on the side (lower righthand corner) where you can turn off the wireless notification pop-up. I slide it toward me to turn off the notification.

  7. I agree about not eating right on Sundays. I can't fast--I get migraines from fasting--but even on normal Sundays, when church is 11-2, that leaves me starving and headachy the whole time during church.

  8. Seriously. Yesterday morning I woke up with a migraine. Have you heard of Trazadone? It's a wonderful medicine that helps stop mine.


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