Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas For Me

I keep getting asked what I'm doing for Christmas, and then also, what do I want for Christmas.
To be honest, I'm just not all that into Christmas this year. I have chosen to not go "home" for Christmas, and I'm too lazy to decorate my apartment much, so other than buying other people gifts, I just don't care.
If you think there is some underlying depression or something going along with this, you are wrong. This is how I feel most years actually. I love buying other people gifts, and sure, I like getting presents too. But honestly? I just don't get into it the way some people do.
I love the music, and it is nice to see other people's decorations, but I'm just not into it.
So anyway, yes, I'm not going back to Virginia for a variety of reasons. Mostly I just couldn't see how it was a good idea to spend $600 on a plane ticket to go to a town I don't consider to be home. (My parents recently moved, and therefore, home is not home.)
So instead I will be taking off and driving to Reno at some point. I'm excited to spend Christmas with my nephews. I haven't spent Christmas with them since Dallin was born- 7 years ago (today). It will be fun to be with little kids who believe in Santa, and feel their excitement. I still haven't figured out how long I plan to be in Reno, or even when I am leaving to go there.

As for the 3 people who want to know what I want for Christmas this year-
1. Target gift cards
2. Ikea gift cards
3. Wonder Woman t-shirt to replace my beloved shirt that recently died (Natalie has already claimed this for me.)

However, if you are looking for a great and personalized gift to give to someone else, that also in return gives to me, may I humbly suggest giving this?

Click here to buy your own copy, or a copy to give to someone else! If you buy it from me, you can also send me an email and we'll personalize an inscription for you!

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