Saturday, December 06, 2008

Friday Night Brain Dump

Things rolling around in my head-

- I never thought I'd spend a weekend working on my lawsuit against an employer. I am way too passive aggressive to sue people.

- Every day around 1 pm my kitten turns from being your average cat into an absolute nightmare. I can't wait to get him neutered.

- Every night at 10 pm my kitten turns from being the most annoying animal on the planet into the cutest most cuddly thing you have ever seen. He still insists on falling asleep on me and me only.
- I am working on the coolest Christmas card and letter ever. And seriously, if all you do is send a card with a signature on it, don't send me one. If you send a letter with an interesting amount of information in it, send it on over.

- I have to find the perfect much bigger house to live in. And figure out which town to move to. And a bunch of other crap. And soon.

 - I'm tired.


  1. I hear you on the Christmas cards! There are some people I haven't talked to in 10 years and I get a signature! It actually kind of gives me low self-esteem to get those.

  2. Neutering will not change the crazy out of your cat, just FYI. That's just being a cat. My cats get the crazies every night and chase each other, pounce on each other, etc. Just let them have their fun--as they grow up it does become more manageable.

    Also, if you haven't checked out the Humane Society's neutering program, you might want to. I got Tildrum neutered for $35 in Seattle at the Humane Society--plus getting all his shots up to date.

  3. I'm with you on the Christmas cards.
    I am happy to get cards from friends and relatives, but when there is just a signature, I'm a little disappointed. This is remedied however, if a picture is included.
    No writing? Picture please. As they say - a picture really IS worth 1000 words.

    Meanwhile, nobody wants a photocard of a single girl - twould seem vain no? So I have to write a decent insert letter if I'm going to do it at all!

    Last year one of my closest cousin's didn't include a letter- she with three daughters! I was SO bummed.


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