Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

*erinannie*: Andi, I'm going to steal you, and take you home, and keep you forever.
Andi (without missing a beat): Okay, but you have to ask my mom first.
*erinannie*: Maybe I'll just borrow you for a while. You're mommy would miss you too much.
Andi (pauses and thinks): It's okay, she has my sister!

(From my sister Natalie)
The kids in Dallin's class wrote a xmas wish list on paper stockings and hung them up outside of their class room.  Dallin's said, "Dear Santa Claus, Please bring my mom some make-up so she can look pretty.  And please bring my dad some pants."  It is true that I could use some new make up but Steve owns about 12 pairs of paints.  Either way, it was very thoughtful of him. 

Dallin was concerned that we didn't have a fireplace and how could Santa get inside.  I assured him that Santa is magic and Dallin should not worry about it.  Dallin said, "Oh, he will just 'poof' himself into our house?"  Yes, he will 'poof' himself in.


Yesterday, we watched Porter's pre-school Christmas program.  It was very cute.  While waiting for it to start we sat in a huge room with bad lighting.  The kind of bad lighting that picks up on every hair on your face.  Tell looked at me and said, "Mom, you have a mustache, right there."  Great, thank you, son.  So, when we got home I went to the bathroom mirror with tweezers in hand.  Dallin came in and said, "What are you doing?"  Being irritated I said, "I am growing a mustache."  Dallin ran out of the bathroom and I could hear him yell to Tell in another room, "Tell, mom is growing a mustache!"  Tell responded in a know it all voice, "I know."  I rolled my eyes and dropped my head, while Steve laughed.

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