Monday, December 08, 2008

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

In honor of the song stuck in my head for the last few hours of total chaos, I hereby give you a youtube of it.

There's nothing magical about the video. No real reason to watch it. It's just the song I have been singing all afternoon.
Because my afternoon went like this.
1 pm- get notification I have a 2 pm conference call
2 pm- during this conference call find out I have another call coming up
2:50- start this call wondering how I am going to effectively handle said call while going to pick up Little from school. She knows to take the bus to daycare if I am not there to get her on time, but last week I was late, and she was out waiting for me. It's snowing and sleeting and she's not known for wearing a jacket. Not a good combination.
3:10- still on my call, I drive to pick up Little, opt to not use the loo while on a business call.
3:15- discover road closure 2 blocks from her school. take a totally random detour. now running late.
3:25- pass her school bus driving the opposite direction
3:30- still go to school just in case. She's not there. At least, I'm really hoping she's not there.
3:45- get to her daycare and hang out and wait a while. In the past when this has happened her bus has taken nearly 45 minutes to reach daycare, while it only takes me 10 minutes.
3:45-4:15- amuse myself with Twitter and random phone calls. Start to panic that I didn't log myself out from work.
4:20- still no sign of her school bus. Decide to go inside daycare to use the loo. Find Little waiting patiently for me in the front of the room. What the?? Forget to use the loo, take Little and leave.
4:25- stop and get milk and chocolate chips so we can make cookies and watch a movie and avoid the cold, wet snow
4:45- finally get home, finally pee, nearly combust from the bladder pressure. Little laughs as I run through the apartment in a fashion she has never seen before.
5:00- we get settled, and decide Little is going to make me cookies, while I finish up some stuff for work. I figure its good practice for her to try cooking while she's learning fractions. This will come back to haunt me later. But only because I suck at fractions.
5:10-5:30- Little encounters the following problems-
-we don't have enough flour- I give her cake mix instead. Recipe called for 2.5 cups of flour. I won't explain my logic, but my stupid brain decided this made 1.75 cups of cake mix. Don't ask me why.
- I gave her 1 c. of butter, not a 1/2 cup
- we bought some disastrous thing called grain sweetened chocolate chips. learn from my mistake- don't do it!
- I gave her baking powder instead of baking soda. (Um, J, she still doesn't know this, so let's keep that between you, me, and the internets.)
5:45- we realize our cookie dough in no way resembles cookie dough, and yet tastes magically delicious, and put cookies in oven
6:00- notice the apartment is filling up with smoke, pull cookies from oven, discover our dough was more like brownie mix really. And my very flat, no edge cookie sheet has not held the new brownie concoction together very well. Lots of dough on bottom of the oven, small fire, lots of black smoke. Manage to NOT scream and alert Little to the fire problem. Instead I just tell her to open the windows.
6:15- Don't ask me why, but I clean out the oven and we try a second batch.
6:25- Second batch actually turns out fairly decent, although there is a continuing black smoke problem. The kitten decides this is a good time to freak out.
6:35- Third batch attempt goes in oven. Little is watching a movie and settling in nicely. I decide to take her cookies and milk to the living room.
6:37- The thought crosses my mind as I carry 2 cups of milk and a plate of cookie brownies that waitressing isn't all that hard really.
6:38- Spill cookie brownies on the floor and the milk all over myself. The kitten freaks out and has a field day. After all, there is now chocolate all over my already dirty kitchen floor. Little can't stop laughing.
6:45- Call Dominos. It has now been 3 hours since we were supposed to eat our afternoon snack. We're both starving. Change out of milk sopping clothes.
6:47- take photographic evidence of the disaster.
7:05- Pizza arrives while I am in the loo (again). Little opts to not answer the door for strangers while at my house. This is normally a good technique. Except when it is our pizza and I'm indisposed!
7:08- Grab the pizza guy as he starts to leave, pay, EAT!!!
7:45- finish movie, take Little home. Looking forward to passing out on the couch, and watching "Chuck" and "Heroes"
8:15- get home just in time to discover my cable is out. AGAIN. No Heroes, no Chuck.
8:20- whine, complain, and blog.
Mama said there'd be days like this. She just didn't tell me it would involve a kitten eating chocolate off of my floor.


  1. The day is not over if your kitten has eaten chocolate. I'm just sayin'.

  2. If you haven't already watched Chuck and Heroes, I have them on DVR and you're welcome to pop down here and watch them with me tomorrow.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You, my dear, are hysterical!!

    That story was much more entertaining from your vantage point, but as a mom, I can see how she would miss some of those details. Kids live in such bliss sometimes. haha

    Has the week gotten any better?!


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