Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Great Quotes by the Family

After seeing the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,"
Erin: That was really interesting. I think I'd like to go read the real story now.
Stephanie: WHAT? That was a real story??
(for those who don't know, the movie is based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which was what I was referring to.)

Cousin Merry Brooke: Uncle Maurice, did you get to wear flip-flops on your mission to Samoa? (Pause.) Wait, did they HAVE flip-flops back then??

After going out shooting redneck style (homemade trash targets in the woods) with some cousins and then getting the Suburban stuck in the mud for nearly an hour.
Dad: Well, I'd have to say this day started out at a 6.5. But then with the shooting it moved to a 9. But well, this (referring to the 6 family members covered in mud standing around the completely stuck car, all of us laughing at the predicament), THIS makes the day a 10, I'd say!

At the baby "un-shower" for Jon and Sarah, little 4 yr old Kaylee suddenly spots Sarah after being in the room with her for nearly 30 minutes, "Mom, look! I found the pregnant lady!"

I'd post pictures, but I forgot the USB cord from my camera to the computer. So if you want to see a few of the pics (including a wretched one of me, for which he shall pay), take a gander over at my cousin Jonathon's blog. Or you can see some pictures of us stuck in the mud, plus some of me and my "boyfriends" in my twitpic stream.

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