Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Virginia is for Lovers (and Family)

I'm back in my home state. It was surreal landing at DCA, and then driving past Arlington, past Falls Church, past Fairfax, past Oakton, and past Centreville. We just kept on driving for 4 more hours, past all of the towns I call home. And now I'm in Roanoke with my family, in our new house, in a new town, trying to get used to things.
On top of all the major family life changes going on with this vacation, I'm also attempting to work from home full-time during this trip. Let's just say that is easier said than done.
But today was great! My cousin Karma stopped by for a visit with her 3 kids. Karma and I never get time alone together anymore, so that was a fun chance to sit and talk. And then we headed over to my uncle's house for family home evening (after much debate over who has the better tv and surround sound for watching "The Dark Knight"). I got to talk shop and visit with my cousin Jon, his wife Sarah, and hold my other cousin Matthew's new tiny baby Zachary. And really, when was snuggling with a tiny baby not the hallmark of a great day?
Baby Zachary won't be the reigning baby for long around here. At 3 months old he has 3 baby girl cousins hot on his heels, ready to be born. We're hoping for Baby Abigail to make an appearance this week, and then 2 more little girls are expected to join the brood in February. (And I'm really hoping for new tiny cousin Baby Abigail to be born this week before I leave town. Come on, Tami,  just have this thing already!)

Being in a town with so many relatives definitely has its advantages. But it is a huge change- especially for the single, old maid of the family who lives on the other side of the country from everyone. I'm certainly not used to all of this. But it is fun, I will admit it.
Now, if I could just adjust over to the Eastern time zone, things would be fantastic. Unfortunately it is 1:38 am right now, and I am wired, in spite of taking sleeping pills. I may be forced to add Nyquil to the mix as well.

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  1. I'm afraid Little Miss has settled in for a long winter's nap and has no intention of going anywhere soon... Of course that can change at any time, but so far there's nothing promising going on.


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